Since deciding to become more minimal we have been putting our time and money into experiences rather than things.  I feel it is very easy to be tempted by a brand new car or the latest phone, but lately, I have been making a conscious effort to avoid buying new things instead of trying to get out and do more.

An experience stays with you forever and makes you grow as a person in ways that “things” just can’t.  Of course, there are times when we have to buy something, but for me, I always think, “man I would rather be spending my money on a vacation having fun somewhere”.

Recently we packed everyone into a van and drove from California to Zion National Park.  We stayed two full days in Zion.  We went on a hike, to a ghost town called Grafton, swimming, and seeing the local wildlife.  

We stayed at an amazing hotel called the Desert Pearl Inn.  While we were swimming in the pool we saw a dear walk by and some bats flew over our heads.  Pretty COOL!


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