30 Fun Fall Activities For Kids

30 fun fall activities for kids

Today I am sharing 30 fun Fall Activities for kids!  I love Fall and there are so many Autumn inspired crafts and activities for kids to fully enjoy Fall.

All of these crafts are simple and most of the supplies you need will be found in your home already.  I love crafting, but I like affordable crafts that are fun for my kids to do on their own.


Activities with Fall Leaves

Leaf crafts are so easy and fun!


Leaf Sensory Bag – This sensory bag is great for little kids.


Fall Leaf Crown – These beautiful crowns are fun for all ages.

Fall Activities Kids

Leaf Printing is a simple fun project that can be done in an afternoon.


Patterns with Leaves is a great activity for little ones to learn pattern making.


Fall Paintings

Tree Painting with Q-tips – This tree painting is super easy for a child to do all on their own.

Fall Activities Kids

Broccoli Stamped Trees – Another cheap and easy project for little ones.


Fall Science Projects

Fizzing Pumpkins – We love all things that fizz!


Dancing Corn – Combining Fall and science is such a great idea.


Salt Crystal Leaves – This is a fun Fall science project for all ages.

Fall Activities Kids


Fall Crafts


Leaf Suncatchers are a great way to decorate your home for Fall.

Make Waxed Leaves  – My boys love collecting leaves and now we can finally preserve them.

Paper Plate Owl Craft – This owl craft is such a simple yet fun art craft.

Hedge Hog Craft – So easy even my 3-year-old can do it!



Learn some Fun Halloween Songs!

Craft Recipes Fall Inspired


Fall Slime – Slime is fun all year long and especially if it is themed for Fall.

Fall Activities Kids

Pumpkin Moon Sand – Who knew moon sand was so easy to make!

Apple scented Playdough – Playdough smells so good when it is scented with Apple.


Fall Food For Kids

Make a Caramel Apple Buffet!  Easy and fun for kids.  All you need are some crisp apples and your favorite toppings.

Fall Activities Kids

Ghost pretzels are yummy and spooky!  Super easy with only 3 ingredients.

Harvest Puppy chow is easy to make and super yummy. 

Nutter Butter acorn cookies are a fun Fall treat!

Fall Activities Kids


Fun Fall Things To Do:

Autumn Hunt

Go on a scavenger hunt and collect all the leaves, pinecones, and sticks for homemade Fall decor.


Decorate for Fall

Decorate your home with Fall flowers, pumpkins, and some festive twinkle lights.  My kids love to see all the pumpkins around our home.


Fall Movie Night

Make some yummy popcorn, get some candy and watch a festive movie.  Hocus Pocus is a favorite of mine.


Halloween Inspired Baking

Bake some pumpkin-inspired treats.  We love pumpkin bread!

Fall Activities Kids


Carve Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins is so much fun, but if your kids are little we loved using stickers!  We found some pumpkin decorating stickers that came with eyes and mouths.



Make some Halloween costumes!  We love getting creative and making our own silly costumes.


Apple Picking

Find all the local Fall activities in your neighborhood.  We have a local apple picking place that I can’t wait to try out.


Pumpkin Patch

Not all pumpkin patches are the same.  We have a local farm with a pumpkin patch where we can pick our own pumpkins.


Grow Pumpkins

This year we are growing pumpkins from seeds!  It is a lot of fun to watch these pumpkins double in size over and over again.


Trick or Treating

Since we are in the middle of a pandemic we are going to get creative with the trick-or-treating.  I have a few ideas!  Make a mini party at home with candy hidden around the house similar to an Easter egg hunt.

Drive by family and friends’ homes and collect candy through the window or just show off our costumes and have candy at home.



Conclusion Fall Activities for Kids

I hope these 30 activities help you to have a fun and memorable Fall or Autumn (depending on where you live).  We never seem to get bored with all there is to do each season. 

What is your favorite Autumn activity for kids?


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30 fun fall activities for kids

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  1. Paula Graham Raymer

    Please.The plural of leaf is leaves.

    1. SHANNON

      Thank you for catching that, I use Grammarly and I don’t know what happened. I had it spelled right a lot of times and then it must have changed it to that after I copied and pasted something. Even after I ran Grammarly again it did not pick up on that. I think I have found all the mistakes.

  2. Jackie

    Thanks for sharing these cute fall activities! I am looking for some fun things to do with my kids after school these days. I might have to use one of these as a treat after our upcoming pediatric dentist appointment. Thanks again!!!

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