25 Easy Summer Activities for Little Kids


Summer is here and I intend to make the most of it! Today I am sharing 25 easy summer activities for little kids.  All of these 25 summer activities are cheap and easy to put together.

My boys are currently 3 and 6 years old and they both love all of these fun summer activities.  Most of these activities can be set up quickly and easily in your backyard.  If it is too hot you can do some of them inside as well.

It’s nice to have a list of activities on hand to break up the day.  Summer days can seem really long, why not break it up with some fun!

25 Easy Summer Activities For Little Kids

Water Activities

  1. Paint with water.  Get some cheap paint brushes and some water and let your kids paint on the sidewalk.  This is a great “no mess” activity.
  2. Paddling pool.  They can use it as a pool to play in or it can be used as a water station for filling buckets to help water plants
  3. Slip in Slide.  You can buy one or make one with trash bags or a plastic tarp.
  4. Watercolor painting.  My boys love painting and watercolor is so easy to clean up.
    Kids activities for summer
  5. Plastic Tupperware and water.  I don’t know why, but my kids prefer to play with my plastic containers over their own toys.  I let them make a water station and use the containers to pour the water back and forth
  6. Ice block treasure hunt.  Take a container and fill it with toys.  Pour water over the toys and freeze.  Once frozen let your little one chip away with a hammer at the ice.
  7. Water balloon fight.
    Summer activities for kids

    Indoor Summer Activities

  8.  Build a city!  With blankets of course.  On a super hot day let your kids play with the sheets and blankets and make a fort.  I can remember doing this when I was a kid.  We would find something tall and drape the sheets all over the house.
  9. Matching card games. 
  10. Board Games
    Summer fun for kids
  11. Make Play Dough.  It is easy to make and lasts a long time.  Also you can make edible play dough ice cream!
  12. Make slime.  Great recipe here!
  13. Bake some treats.  My kids love helping me make banana bread.  Here is the easiest recipes ever! Plus it taste delicious.
  14. Make bird feedersHere is a great tutorial!
  15. Movie Night.  Go all out!  Popcorn, special place to view the movie, Special treat of choice and of course an age appropriate movie.

    Summer Outdoor Activities

  16. Make a bubble station.  Make your own bubble solution and let your kids blow their own bubbles.  Here is a good bubble recipe!
  17. Plant a garden.  Shop with the kids for the plants they want to grow.  Have them help you plant the seeds.  Also make sure they are taking care of their plants too.
  18. Decorate a garden.  You can make a fairy garden or a dinosaur garden.  The ideas are endless!
  19. Go to the pool.  If you don’t have your own pool, find a community pool.  Most cities have affordable swim lessons and open swim times.
  20. Water gun painting.  Fill the water gun with a watered down paint solution and fire at a canvas.
  21. Treasure Hunt.  Make a list of fun items to find outside.  A long stick, certain color leaves, a bug, and the list goes on.
  22. Make a solar ovenMelt some marshmallows and some chocolate. YUM!
  23. Side walk chalk drawing.
  24. Gather and paint rocks!  Two activities in one.  Find and then paint the rocks.
  25. Go on a picnic.  Pack up a yummy lunch and go to a park for a picnic.

List of fun ideas with Links!

Frozen dinosaur activity! Here is a tutorial.  If you have some tiny dinosaurs you are in luck.  All you have to do is put them in a water balloon, add water and freeze!

Make some delicious ice cream in a bag.  This is so easy and yummy.  Homemade ice cream is the best!

Pool Noodle boats!  This is a great idea for your water table.

Make a funny face flip book.  You probably have everything you need to make this cute book.

Jelly Bean experiment!  All you need are 3 things; water, jelly beans, and a plate!  The kids will think this looks so cool.

Make a Sharpie tie dye shirt.  This is so easy and looks super cool.

More Free Ideas

Make a band with pots and pans!

Play date with friends.  Meet at a park or the beach!

Go for a nature walk.  Look for animals and birds or certain colors.

Most cities have free music in the park all summer long.

The library always has a free summer program for kids of all ages.

I hope you have a fun filled summer!  Let me know if you try any of these ideas and what you think.

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25 summer activities for little kids


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  1. Lindsey heringer

    What a great list! Thanks for compiling this. We’ll have to try some of these.

    1. SHANNON

      Thank you Lindsey! I hope you can try some of these this summer. =)

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