Christmas Nail Ideas for Inspiration

Easy DIY Christmas nails

A fun way to get into the Christmas spirit is to paint your nails with a holiday design.  Here are 30 Christmas nail ideas for your holiday season.

Most of these designs you can do yourself or bring the inspiration photo to your favorite nail place.

Christmas is the perfect occasion to showcase your creativity and spread some festive spirit through your fingertips. Whether you prefer traditional red and green hues or want to experiment with Santa hat nails and glitter nail polish, there’s a Christmas nail design for everyone.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 30 fabulous Christmas fingernail design ideas that will make your hands the center of attention at any holiday gathering.

Some of these are super easy DIY Christmas nails to try this year!

1 – Red Snow Nails

nails with candy canes

Spread the holiday cheer with different colors! Here is a red, gold, and snowflake nail design.

These are cute and easy to do at home!

2 – Glitter Nails

Blue Nail design

Here is a beautiful metallic blue/green color nail with silver accent nails. 

3 – Santa Theme Nails

Santa nails

Original nails for each one! Try a different design on every nail. Red, snowflakes, Christmas words, and Santa’s face.

These can be achieved by painting or with nail stickers.  Which are especially great for a one-time occasion or party!

4- Stocking Nails

stocking nails

This nail design is easily achieved at home.  Red nails with a few of them painted to look like Christmas stockings.  How fun!

Christmas nail ideas can be extremely out there or very basic.

This design can be achieved by using a very thin paintbrush and thinned-out paint. 

5 – Bright pink nail design

Bight pink

Glitter pink nails can be a fun change for the winter season.  

They are very festive while not being traditional. Not everyone is into Christmas designs, but the bright color is still festive and fun.

6 – Swirl Nail designs

pink and red nails

Pink, and red, with sparkles and a swirl design are wonderful for a Christmas party. These might not look like a traditional Christmas design, but they are still very festive!

7 – Holly Nail Design

Christmas Holly nail design

Silver nails with a Christmas holly design are so fun for a holiday party.

Start with your base color and then add green polish leaves and red polish dots.

 This is a very easy Christmas nail art design.

8 – Teal with Snowflake Nails

Muted Green nails with a Sparkle accent nail.

Adding a snowflake near the tip of your nails is a great accent detail.  For extra shiny nails, you can add a layer of clear polish over any design.

9 – Nude matte Nails

red and nude nails

Nude nails with a pop of red really stand out! If you don’t like the look of shiny nails you can add a matte top coat to any nail design.

Nails are the perfect canvas to add some holiday cheer to your style.

10 – Bright Red with White designs

Red with white tree nails

Red with a white design goes great all winter long. This design can be achieved on your own nails or on acrylic nails. 

For these shiny Christmas nails paint the base of the nail bright red.  Then use a thin brush to add the white details. 

This design would look great switched around as well. With a white base and red details.

11 – Red, Gold, Green with Charms Nails

gold red and green nails

Add some fun glue on sparkles. 

12 – Ombre Gray Nails with Snow

gray christmas nails

Ombre gray nails with a fun snow design will last all winter.

13 – Red with Gold designs

red green gold design nails

Red, green, and white nails can’t go wrong.

14 – Candycane Nail Design

Bright green

The candy cane nails are so original and fun. Use classic red and white with a green base color.

These Christmas trees on the nails look so easy to do. You could use striping tape or a thin line to create the tree.

This design is sure to get you into the holiday spirit.

15 – Teal & white Nails

nails blue and leaf

Go less traditional this Christmas with a teal ombre nail color.

16 – Bright Red and Gold

red gold and pink

17 – Bright Blue with icicle Nail design 


18 – Gold and wine color nails


19 – Metalic Silver Nail Design


20 – Pink with Santa Nail Design


21 – Holly Design with White Nails


22 – Red with Dots Nail Design


23 – Pink and Silver Nails


24 – Silver and Holly Nails 

and 25 – Green Tree nails


26 – Teal glitter nails & 27 – Matte Red Nails


28 – Crystal Tree Nails


I hope these fun holiday manicure nail designs helped you get inspired and gave you some ideas.

It is easy to follow tutorials on youtube on how to paint these simple holiday designs. But going and getting a Christmas manicure can also be a super fun experience.

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30 fun christmas nail designs

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