How to Be Ready For Christmas on December 1st

how to be ready for Christmas by december 1st

How often have you entered December scrambling to get ready by Christmas? Believe it or not, a stress-free Christmas is possible! Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year. It’s a time for family gatherings, great food, and festive décor.

But Christmas can be stressful with all the preparation and planning that goes into it. There’s so much to do, from purchasing and wrapping gifts to decorating the entire house without breaking the budget. 

As a mom, you want to make Christmas special for everyone in your family, but it’s also important to enjoy it yourself. With the right preparation and a massive early start, you can be ready for Christmas by December 1st and be free to enjoy the joyful holiday season stress-free.

Before we get into it, check out these important tips on How to Have a Minimalist Christmas to make your planning even easier. Here are some helpful tips to get your holiday preparation early to enjoy the holiday season when it arrives.

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When Should You Start Planning Christmas?

You can start your planning as early as possible to get the ball rolling to prepare for Christmas by December 1st. The latest I recommend starting your planning is at the beginning of September. That gives you three whole months to plan, budget, and purchase everything you need before December 1st. 

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Plan Out Your Christmas Budget and Start Saving

Christmas can be an expensive holiday for purchasing gifts, feasts, and Christmas decorations.

The earlier you start saving, the better and easier it is on your monthly budget. Planning out your budget helps eliminate costly surprises and allows you wiggle room if you need to add to your budget. 


Start Your Christmas Gift List Now 

Choosing gifts for the people you love doesn’t have to be at the end of the year. You can start as soon as the new year begins and start making lists of meaningful gifts that you would like to purchase for your kids or family members.

You can even start buying early and storing them in secure places throughout the year to ease up on that Christmas budget by spreading it out over months. 

Christmas gifts


Wrap Your Gifts as Soon as You Purchase Them 

This tip involves a little organization, but it’s a great way to be prepared early. If you’ve ever been up late wrapping last-minute gifts, you know the value of this tip.

Wrap your gifts as soon as you purchase them will help save you hours. You will want to use sticky notes to label them, so you don’t forget what’s inside and who it’s for. Use these handy HGTV tips to wrap your presents perfectly every time

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Declutter and Organize Your Christmas Decorations and Supplies 

How many of you have stored wrapping paper spread out through many of the closets in your home?

One of the most helpful ways to prepare you for Christmas by December 1st is to organize and declutter your Christmas supplies. Choose one spot for everything to go and begin to organize in bins and by hanging items.

Be sure to toss or donate anything you know you won’t be using. 


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Create a Master Decoration Plan for Each Room 

Christmas decorating can be time-consuming, and one of the most time-consuming steps is planning it all out.

Start early by creating a plan for each room of your home, including where you want lights and where you think a good spot for the tree would be.

It’s a great way to come up with new and exciting ideas and allows you to pre-plan any decoration purchases you need and spread those out over the next few month’s budgets. 




Start Planning Important Dates 

Start looking through your calendar early to plan out important family dinners and gatherings now.

Early planning can help solidify plans and ensure all invited family members can make it. You should go through your planner for all events that could be conflicting and make sure you aren’t double booking.

Early starts can lead to important rearranging as life events can pop up at any time and throw a wrench in your plans.

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Start Your Christmas Card List

 If you love to send out a Christmas card every year, start planning out your list by creating a list. You can create a spreadsheet with a list of names and addresses to send out every year.

Take your preparation one step further and prepare envelopes if you know the size dimensions of your card. That way, all you have to do is add your card and a stamp and drop it in your mailbox. 


Plan Out Your Meals and Baked Goods 

Every Christmas is a time to feast, and every family has its own gatherings to prepare for. If you make a ham every year on Christmas, your meal planning is made easy!

If you like to switch it up, think about what you’d like to try to make this year. Create a meal plan for your family gatherings and for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners.

There are so many great recipes out there that you can bake that make your holidays just that much sweeter. Gather up your recipes in a binder and organize them in your holiday file, so you are ready to go with ideas for your meals before you enter the holiday season.

winter food


Book Your Christmas Photos Early

 We all love a great Christmas photo for our memories and to share with our family, whether it’s on your Christmas card or just as a nice framed family photo. Start arranging a photoshoot with a photographer to ensure you get your Christmas photos by December 1st.

Getting started early can get you organized and prepared for this Christmas season early.

You will be able to enjoy the holiday season with your family without worrying about having to shop in the crowded malls or taking time to plan out tedious details. Enjoy your Christmas all December long. 

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