Minimalist Christmas Home Tour

Welcome to our minimalist Christmas home tour.  We are minimalists and yes we still decorate for the holidays!   This is how we make our home warm and cozy during the winter.


We keep the winter fun by making a lot of our own Christmas decor.  Whether that is orange slice ornaments or salt dough ornaments we keep ourselves busy with lots of crafting.

The days are getting cold and short which gives us more time inside to make memories with our family.

I like to use traditional red and green to decorate since I know that will never go out of style.  As a minimalist, I want to pick decor that won’t have to be switched out as the trends change.

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Our Minimalist Christmas Tree:

I decided to keep our tree very minimal this year.  In the past, I would add a lot of plastic balls, but I think it looks just as good without them.

Every ornament was handcrafted by us or has a special meaning.  One really easy way to decorate a tree without a lot of ornaments is to use ribbon.

Last year I bought a huge roll of ribbon and weaved it in and out of the tree.  Instead of going around the tree, which is a lot of work, I cut the ribbon in strips and weaved them in and out of the branches.

I wrote a full post on minimalist Christmas trees in case you are looking for something unique.

Minimal christmas tree


Vintage Christmas Decor

Vintage decorations are one of a kind and bring some history to your home.  Years ago I found this vintage elf in a retro secondhand store.

There was a whole basket of them.

I wish I had bought a few more.  While we don’t play the elf on the shelf game this guy likes to sit on our shelf and add some uniqueness to our living room.

minimal elf of shelf


Sentimental Personalized Christmas Decor

Personalized decorations are fun to make and mean so much more than store-bought.  This framed cross-stitch was passed down to us from my mother in law.

It was falling apart around the edges so I decided to frame it so it would stand the test of time.

Christmas decorations mean so much more when they are passed down or made by family and friends.

minimal fireplace


These shelves are super thin so I had to get creative with our decorations.  Instead of real candles that could easily fall I opted for these battery operated tea lights.

They flicker like real candles, but I don’t have to worry about my house burning down.

minimal fireplace


All-Natural Christmas Decor

Natural Christmas decor is a great way to go when you want to stay minimal.  This way you don’t have to store decorations all year long.

Real wreaths smell so good and bring a lot of life to our living room.

Every few days I mist this with some water to keep it fresh and alive.

Christmas Wreath


Family Minimalism and Decorating

As a child, I remember decorating our home for the holidays.  This year I let my boys help me decorate the tree and I left most of the ornaments right where they put them.

Sometimes I think we miss the point of decorating.  For me, the point is to make my home festive and let my kids be part of the Christmas traditions.

Instead of finding the newest Christmas decor trend, I try to use what we have and make decor with my kids.

With being a minimalist family I have to remember other people live here too.  My kids love nutcrackers and they have a mini collection.

I gave them a shelf that they decorated themselves with all of their nutcrackers.  They were so excited to help with all the decor and that is what it’s all about.

Livingroom Christas decor

We are going to convert our fireplace into a gas burning log fire soon, but in the meantime, we have come up with a hack.

I added some pinecones to the rack and put some twinkle lights on them.  At night it gets us one step closer to the feel of a cozy fire.

These are hands down the best twinkle lights I have ever used.  Years ago I went through so many batteries and twinkle lights that would burn out too quickly.

I have been using these twinkle lights for 3 years now and they are still going strong.  They come with a remote and the best part is you can choose how fast they blink and you can adjust the color.

Really they are the best!

Homemade Christmas Decor


Hints of Christmas Decor

Here is the simple way we keep our home looking clutter-free during the holidays.  Try keeping all of the decorations in one area.

We decorated the area we see and hang out in the most.  Most of our decor is around our fireplace and in our dining room.

I decided to add a few hints of decor to other rooms we are in all the time.

This blanket was draped over our couch and I added a snowman salt and pepper shaker to our kitchen.

Little hints of Christmas decor is just enough to make a home festive without it being cluttered.

Minimalist Christmas

Thank you for joining us on our Christmas Home Tour and I hope you have a great holiday season.


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