Simple Fall Bat Decor (With a Free Bat Template)

minimalist fall decor

Today I am sharing our minimalist Fall decor and how to make minimal Halloween bats.

When decorating for Fall I like to use as many natural decor items as possible.  This year I only bought pumpkins, and a witch’s broom made from sticks.  I love that all these decorations will go back to the earth.

All the other decorations I made or already had.  I love reusing my decorations year after year and seeing how I can rearrange them to look completely new. 


Simple Inexpensive Fall Decor Paper Bats

I love the look of the black bats on the white wall and fireplace and I knew I could create this.  Using black construction paper I traced the pattern of a bat and cut them out.  I am sharing my bat pattern as a free pdf template in case you want to make these. (just scroll to the bottom of this post)

Since I am a lazy crafter I stacked 3 pieces of black construction paper together when I cut these out.  After a few minutes, I had about 20 bats!

I used some blue painter’s tape and stuck them to my fireplace and wall.  Make sure you stick the bats at different angles so it looks like they are really flying out of the fireplace.

minimalist fall decor


Minimalist Fall Pumpkin Decor

Nothing says Fall like some orange pumpkins.  We have a very small ledge on our fireplace so I thought it would be fun to stack some mini pumpkins.

I think it is fun to move decor around until it looks “right.”  There isn’t a right or wrong way to decorate, it’s just what looks good to you.  I always think less is more so I limit myself to only decorating one room.

Minimalism and decorating can coexist as long as I put some limits in place and make sure the minimal decor does not make my home look cluttered.

minimalist fall decor


Minimalism and Decor

When I first became minimalist I was kinda extreme with not having much seasonal decor.  My thought was I didn’t want to buy and store anything else.  The only problem is I really like decorating, especially for Fall.

This is when I realized minimalism is not about depriving yourself of something you enjoy.  By using all-natural decor I can literally throw all the pumpkins away at the end of the season.  Keeping my decor bin minimal and small!

This way of decorating solves all my problems.  I have the joy of a cozy fun home and I don’t have to store a bunch of junk for next year.


Minimalist Decorating on a Budget!

Decorating does not have to be expensive!  The best way to decorate in a minimal way and on a budget is by using all-natural decor.

I like to use whatever is in season for my home decor.

In Fall I use pumpkins, gourds, and sunflowers.  These paper bats were completely free and only took about 10 minutes to cut out and stick on the wall.

Minimalism has taught me decorating can be cheap and fun by using natural decor and getting creative!

Less is more.  A few pumpkins can give that Fall feel without having to shop and store a bunch of stuff.

Minimalist Fall Decor

Are you decorating for Fall or Halloween this year?

Please use this bat template and make sure you share it with any friends or family who would find this project fun!

Minimalist Fall Decor Free Template

bat template

Click here to print

Pin Minimalist Fall Decor For Later

Minimalist Fall decor free bat


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  1. Kathy

    I love the bats flying out of your fireplace. Good decorating!

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