Minimalist Christmas Decorating Ideas

Minimalist Christmas Decorating Ideas

Today I am sharing 12 minimalist Christmas decorating ideas that are simple yet beautiful.

If you are a minimalist it can be hard to strike the perfect balance between decorated and cluttered.  Here are 12 simple minimalist Christmas decorating ideas that anyone can pull off.  Whether you are into traditional Christmas decor or modern decor these tips will help you decorate with style!

12 Minimalist Christmas Decorating Ideas

All-Natural Holiday Decor:

Fresh-cut pine branches look and smell amazing.  The great thing about decorating with natural decor is you don’t have to store it all year long.

Fill a vase with branches and add some red berries or a red bow.

Gather some pinecones in a bowl or spray paint them gold for some extra flare.  Use what you already have.  I can’t remember the last time I shopped for decor.



Focus On One Area:

Avoid Christmas decor overwhelm by only decorating one area of your home.  I like to pick the most used area of our home.

Christmas decorations always look good around the fireplace or in the living room.  By sticking to one section your home will look less cluttered.

One trend right now is to decorate every room in your home.  Since we are trying to stay clutter-free, we will be skipping this trend and only decorating one main section of our home. 


Very Minimal Decor:

Go with a very minimal holiday decor look.  Who said we all have to decorate a huge Christmas tree?

Find a large branch and add some ornaments or bows to that.  Another option is to hang the stockings and decorate the mantle and skip the tree.

There are so many ways to add a little hint of Christmas decor without overdoing it.


Homemade Christmas Decor:

Make your own minimalist Christmas decor.  Making ornaments is a great memory-making activity for the whole family and they are practically free.

Here is the salt dough ornament recipe that we use and love.

By getting crafty you are not only decorating your home but spending time with your family too!


Use Light:

Add some twinkle lights to the plants you already have in your home instead of the traditional Christmas tree.  Lights over a window look amazing too.

Make a fun centerpiece on your table with branches and candles.  It is surprising how warm lighting can transform a room into a cozy hangout.


Traditional Christmas Decor:

Traditional Christmas decor with a minimalist twist.  When you decorate your tree try to spread out the ornaments and add some ribbons.

This way you don’t need as many decorations to make your tree look full and decorated.

Go for a real wreath and a basket of scented pinecones.  That would be 2 fewer items to store all year long.

Traditional decor is less likely to go out of style.  This will save you money in the long run.  Most minimalists I know try to avoid trends because they come and go so quickly.

By sticking with the traditional colors of Christmas you can ensure your decor will last through the years without looking dated. 


Minimal Christmas Tiny Tree:

I love the look of tiny Christmas trees.  The Charlie Brown Christmas tree look is so modern and funky.

When you have a smaller tree you don’t need as much decor.  This is the best of both worlds!

We use to have a very small tree and I would put it on our coffee table with a red tablecloth under it.  The nice thing is I could decorate our whole tree in about 20 minutes.


One Color:

Decorating with one color can look very modern and minimalist.  This can help with visual clutter too.

I love the look of natural pine wreaths and centerpieces with a pop of red.  Since the trees and branches are already green adding red really makes everything stand out.

Too many different colors can add a lot of visual stimulation and gets our eyes bouncing all over the place.

This is why sticking with one or two pops of color will help to keep everything minimal and calm looking.


Natural Homemade Holiday Decor:

The natural homemade decor look is beautiful and super fun to make.  Try making some dried oranges and stringing them together as a garland for your tree.

Popcorn and cranberries strung in a garland is also a fun way to decorate a tree.

I love when decorating can be made into a fun project for our whole family to enjoy together.  All of these natural colors are very neutral and relaxing and go well together.


Simple Cozy Craft Corner:

Make a cozy project corner in your home.  Add some pillows and blankets for a cozy knitting area.

Some small decorations and twinkle lights can make this area a fun hangout.  If you are into making crafts add a table and everything you need for crafting.

With two young kids, we like to paint and make ornaments.  I simply bring out their kid’s tables and chairs and set up a crafting area for them to work in.

Hanging some twinkle lights around this corner will make it a festive and fun space to create in.


Let the Tree Stand Out:

Decorate with just a tree.  Who said we need to decorate every nook and cranny of our homes.

Let the tree stand out as the only minimalist Christmas decor you need.  Go with a tree that really stands out.  Whatever that may mean to you.

There are large flocked trees, tall skinny trees, metal trees, and the list goes on.  Find something that you love and let the tree do the talking this Christmas. 

I have a full post on unique minimalist Christmas trees to get the ideas flowing.


All White Christmas Decor:

All-white Christmas decor really makes the tree and garlands pop!  White decor gives off that Scandinavian feel.

I love color, but there is something about all-white decor that looks clean and sophisticated.  

Minimal Christmas Decor Conclusion:

When we first became minimalist my goal was to declutter all of the cheap-looking decorations and only keep what meant something to us.  Over time I cared less about how many decorations I had and more about how it all looked.

Putting up a lot of holiday decorations does not mean your home is going to look amazing.  Sometimes too much decor can actually make your home look mismatched and cluttered.

Along our minimalist journey, I realized it is ok to decorate for Christmas but less is definitely more and always looks better.

Here is a fun article about Scandinavian Christmas Decorations that look minimal yet festive.

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Minimalist Christmas Decorating Ideas

2 thoughts on “Minimalist Christmas Decorating Ideas”

  1. Lori J Martin

    Nice photo examples! Another touch of minimalism can be added to wreaths. One year I made four small ones with my grown daughter’s help. I wanted black rings as a base, but the local craft store only had gold or nickel. So we painted nickel rings black and bought various small faux greenery. We applied these to the bottom of the ring in a semi circle with florists wire. Then we attached a small red holiday ribbon, and used the same ribbons as hangers. We display them hanging in our four front facing windows. There are similar minimalist wreaths online, where I got my inspiration.

  2. Jackie

    These Christmas decor ideas are so cute! I am dying to get my tree up! I think I am going to get my carpets cleaned professionally before I do so they are all fresh & clean for the holidays though. Thanks for sharing these amazing ideas!!!

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