30 Fun Winter Activities For Kids

Winter Crafts for kids

Today I am sharing 30 fun Winter Activities for kids!  I love Winter and there are so many cool weather-inspired crafts and activities for kids to fully enjoy the winter spirit.

All of these crafts are easy and most of these supplies you probably already have in your home.  My kids love crafting, but I like affordable crafts that are fun for my kids to do on their own.


30 Fun Winter Activities for kids


winter craft


It’s cooling down and we are staying inside more and more.  Here are some fun crafts to celebrate the winter weather.

Mitten Craft –  This is perfect for teaching kids how to dress during the winter.  All you need is; paper, string, paint, glue, and scissors.

Gingerbread Slime Recipe – Simple and super fun to make!


Winter pom pom hat Craft – This little hat project is so fun for little kids and they can use it to decorate their room.

Make Pipe cleaner Snowballs – What a fun craft for kids, teens, or adults.  You need pipe cleaners, styrofoam balls, and a glue gun.  These look amazing all winter long as decor!

Toilet paper Gingerbread Man Craft – What to do with your old toilet paper rolls?  Make crafts of course!  This is so fun for little kids and you can make it as simple or complex as you want.  I love to let my kids decorate their rooms with these homemade crafts.


Winter Tree Art

winter trees


Q-tip Tree Art –  This is such a fun and easy craft.  It also gets you outside to gather twigs!

Winter Tree Finger Painting – Starting with a simple fun project can get the ball rolling.  This is very easy and so fun for little kids.

Watercolor Birch Tree Painting – This activity is for older kids (or may need a parent to help with little ones), but looks amazing when it is finished.  Simple yet beautiful and when you are done you may want to frame this art.


Newspaper Winter Landscape Art – This mixed-media project is an easy and fun way to spend a cold afternoon.  Several kids can work together to make this come together.  

Large Tape Resist Tree Art – Little kids love making large messy art projects!  This is perfect to keep them busy for a while and looks great when it is finished.  All you need is tape, paint, and cardboard. 


winter trees buttons


Snowflake Crafts

Adding some snowflakes to your decor always looks so pretty.  Let the kids do all the creating for you!


snowflake craft

Toilet paper roll Snowflakes – If you have a toilet paper roll then you are ready to go!  This is such an easy craft that comes out very pretty.

Winter Magic Watercolor Craft – Draw a snowflake with wax or crayon.  Then paint over it with watercolor.  Magically the picture you drew will show through!

Coffee Filter Snowflakes – Use the free printable in this link to make beautifully colored snowflakes for Christmas Decor.


Snowflake Math and Fine Motor Fun! – Using beads and some pipe cleaners you can create a wonderful snowflake while learning at the same time!

Free Crochet Snowflake Pattern – These snowflakes are amazing and very intricate.  This craft is definitely for older kids and teens, but I know I loved crocheting as a teen so it might be worth a try.


snowflake craft


Winter Get-Moving Activities

We might be stuck inside because of the weather, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get moving! 

Here are some really fun activities to get everyone up off the couch and laughing. 


Color craft


Indoor Activity for Counting – All you need are some blank cards, a marker, and some room in your home.  Learning while moving is so much fun and kids don’t even know they are actually learning too.

7 Indoor Snowball Activities – Not using real snow and these will get you moving.


Arctic Animal Yoga – Fun poses for kids that are easy and can be done indoors.

5 Activities with Tape – Try out these 5 activities and all you will need are 6 lines of tape.  It can’t get easier than that!

Snowflake Balance Game – This activity is using everything you already have at home, but gets kids moving and working on their balance.


Snow Crafts

There are so many great crafts based on snow.  From making fake snow to using real snow there is something for every climate you might live in.


winter art

Make a Melting Snowman –  This is a fun STEM activity and these little snowmen actually melt!

Paper Snowman Making – Easy and so cute!

Find Your Snowman’s Name – A really cool way to name your snowman.


Printable Snowman Craft – All you need is paper, markers, white paint, glue, and scissors.  This is a fun craft where most of us will have all these supplies at home.

Make a Snowman Jar Ornament – Mason jars are so popular and fun to work with.  This project is taking a mason jar and transforming it into a snowman ornament!


Winter Food For Kids (and everyone)

Make food fun this winter!

winter food

15 Fun Penguin-Themed Foods – One of these fun foods is making a penguin out of a marshmallow.  They are so cute and look delicious!

Snow Day French Toast – Use cookie cutters to make your french toast winter-themed.  Super easy to do and your kids will be so excited to eat breakfast.

Polar Bear Graham Crackers – This dessert is a fun project to put together with your children.  Then eating it is the cherry on the top.


Banana Snowman Snack – Make a banana snowman for a healthy snack your kids will love.  All you need is a banana, strawberries, some pretzels, and some chocolate chips.  My kids love to assemble snacks like these.

“Frozen” Inspired Popcorn Balls – Sweet and delicious popcorn balls are a great addition to any holiday activity.  Kids can help to make these too.


Conclusion Winter Activities for Kids

I hope these 30 activities help you to have a fun and memorable winter.  We never seem to get bored with all there is to do each season. 

What is your favorite cold-weather activity for kids?


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30 Fun Winter Activities for kids

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