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We decided to bring back our traditional Easter brunch.  When I was a kid we always had a huge Easter morning brunch with all of our friends.  For the last 5 or so years we haven’t been doing the brunch so we decided to bring it back!  We headed up to my parents house the night before Easter so we could help in the morning.


Our traditional brunch has always been a potluck.  This is the best way to have a party!  Each person brings their favorite dish, and that way you end up having a great variety of food.  I brought the cinnamon buns.  When I opened the package to bake them, it exploded across the room.  You can see that in the vlog linked below.

Easter brunch



What are some of your Easter traditions?  We have always done a small Easter basket and an Easter egg hunt. Since becoming more minimal and simplifying our lives we decided we weren’t going to do Easter baskets for the kids.  When did Easter baskets full of candy become popular anyways?

“Like so many Easter traditions, the Easter basket has become a generic event that is tenuously tied to Easter and the religious tones of the holiday. This broad appeal further drives its marketability and opens the door for greater displays of status.” Says Scientific American

I am not against Easter baskets, but this year my children simply didn’t need anything.

Guess what happened when we didn’t do Easter baskets?  Our kids didn’t even notice!

simple living easter

Since this Easter turned out to be a cold day we had a small egg hunt inside.  I am against giving my young kids too much candy, so we filled the eggs with fruit chew packs that they were very happy with. I honestly think they would have had fun just finding the eggs with no candy in them.  It was more about the hunt!

If you are scared of becoming more minimalist and cutting out gifts, don’t worry!  We have cut way back on every holiday and neither one of my boys have realized.  I think the trick is doing it slowly and making sure you still have a lot of fun.

Read about how we are becoming more minimal here.

easter egg hunt simple living


I have been reusing everything we already have.  I know some people might think that is sad, but my family looks forward to the familiar things.  We used some Easter bags and eggs from last year, for our hunt in the house.  When I was growing up I remember my grandma always had one special egg that she put money in.  This was the egg everyone was hunting for.  So as our kids get older I might start hiding some eggs that have money instead of candy.


The one thing I love about Spring is how beautiful all the flowers are.  This year we received a lot of rain for southern California and you can tell when you see the plants!

Spring inspiration

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