Knott’s Berry Farm Passes

Is it a good deal to get a Knott’s Berry Farm year pass?  Today I am going to share my Knott’s Berry Farm pass experience.

In January we bought Knott’s Berry Farm year passes for everyone in our family.  We currently live around 30 minutes from the theme park so it is easy for us to go for a full day or half day of fun.  The passes are a great deal!  If you plan to go more than 3 times you will pay less than a regular day ticket price.
We decided to not buy a parking pass because most of our trips were during the weekdays and we only stayed a few hours.  There is a free parking lot if you stay for a shorter time and you get your ticket validated by making a purchase.  We normally bought a drink or piece of candy that easily validates the parking.  Make sure you read the sign for all of the details.
When you walk in the park they check all of your bags and make you walk through a metal detector.  I don’t mind this because I think it is good to have some kind of security.  Once you walk in the kids camp snoopy is to your immediate right.  My boys love all the Camp Snoopy shows and rides.


At Christmas and Halloween the park goes all out on decorations!  It is such a fun place to visit to get into the holiday spirit.  They have a lot of shows and at Christmas time they have Santa!  My boys loved getting to visit with Santa at the “north pole”.
Both of my boys are currently under 5 years old and there is so much for them to do.  With Camp snoopy they can go on almost every ride by themselves.  I personally like to go during the week because I can, and because it is never crowded.
I have been on the weekend and if you get there early it isn’t too crowded until the afternoon.  Make sure you buy your pass in December for the coming year, that way you can get the most visits in during the year.  The passes are for the calendar year not from the moment you buy them.  Check out more information here.


I find the food to be a little expensive, just like all amusement parks.  Also there are not a lot of healthy choices.  We like to bring our lunch with us.
There is no problem with bringing your lunch and water.  They won’t let you bring in food or drinks that are clearly marked from a fast food place so make sure you take the food and drink out of the labeled cup or bag.
Our friend was stopped when trying to enter with a Starbucks cup.  She was told she couldn’t bring the cup into the park because it said Starbucks.  Why? I am not sure.

Would I get Passes Again?

I will definitely get year passes again as a local southern California resident.  This amusement park pass is the best price for what you get.  The park is easy to get in and out of quickly.
On week days you feel like you have the park to yourself.  The lines are really short compared to other local amusement parks and there is something for everyone.  At Knott’s there is something for the little kids and the adults!

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All opinions are my own and are from my personal experience.  This post is not sponsored!


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