Pismo Beach In August – 5 Fun Things To Do

Pismo Beach in August 5 Fun Things To Do

This was our first time going to Pismo Beach in August.  There are so many fun things to do in Pismo Beach.  Today I am sharing 5 fun things to do when visiting Pismo. 

Every year we go on a trip to Pismo Beach at the end of December.  This was our first time going to Pismo Beach in August.  There are so many fun things to do in Pismo Beach here are 5 fun things to do when visiting Pismo. 

In December (when we normally visit) the weather is always sunny and beautiful with really warm moments throughout the day.  In August it turned out to be very foggy and cool most of the days we were visiting.  If you are visiting Pismo Beach in the summer make sure you pack a sweater and some pants!

Pismo Beach In August- 5 Fun Things To Do

We always stay at the Sea Gypsy Oceanfront Motel.  This place is great especially for families.  Every unit has it’s own mini kitchen and it’s dog friendly!

I also love that we can walk straight out of our room to the beach.  This makes it easy to take a morning walk on the beach.  During our trip we saw a whale swim by right in front of our hotel!  At the Sea Gypsy they have the local goats come and eat the grass instead of mowing, which is always a fun sight to see.

Walk to the Rock

Every morning we wake up and walk on the beach.  This is a great learning experience for the kids, they love to find rocks and shells.  We were able to talk about seaweed and crabs.

There is nothing better than starting my day with a nice long walk on the beach.  Our goal is to walk all the way to the rock at the end of the beach.  If the tide is out you can look in the “caves”, just be careful for the possible falling rock.

Fun things to do in Pismo Beach

Check out the Pismo Shops

There are so many cute shops to checkout in front of the pier.  Our favorite surf shop is Panchos Surf Shop, if you are a surfer or into surfing I highly recommend this store.  They have some great local Pismo Beach sweaters and anything you would need for surfing.

Splash Cafe has the best clam chowder (if you are into that).  Be ready because the line is always long, but our friends said it was worth the wait.

Another great place to have a yummy breakfast treat is the Old West Cinnamon Rolls.  Again get there early if you want a cinnamon roll in the morning because the line starts when they open.

Monarch Butterflies

My favorite thing to do is see the Monarch Butterflies!  Unfortunately there aren’t any butterflies in the summer, but this is still a really nice place to stop and have a picnic or walk around.

If you go in the winter do not miss stopping here to see the butterflies, you will not be disappointed.  The season is from late October to February, so no butterflies in August.

Pismo Beach in Summer

Drive on the Pismo Dunes

There aren’t many beaches in Southern California where you can drive on the sand.  Near Pismo, at Grover beach you can drive on the sand for only $5.  We love to drive on the beach and find a great spot for a bon fire.

Check out all the rules here.  This is a really cheap way to have a lot of fun.  Bring everything for making smores and enjoy a fun night on the beach.

Hike at the Dunes

If you walk through the Monarch Butterfly Grove you can continue up onto the dunes.  There are a lot of walkways leading to the beach and trees.  We love to climb up on the broken branches and the kids like to make imaginary forts.

Pismo Beach Dunes Travel

Surfing At Pismo Beach

My husband brought his surfboard, but the waves were not that great during our trip.  He has had some excellent waves during our winter trips in the past.  He suggests wearing surf booties if you decide to do some winter surfing.

The water is very cold in the winter.


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Pismo Beach In August - 5 Fun Things To Do

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