New Zealand Botanical Gardens

New Zealand Botanical Gardens

I started my day out by heading to the New Zealand Botanical Gardens.  It was extremely cold, but the botanical gardens are still very pretty in winter.

Auckland Botanical Gardens

The Auckland Botanic Gardens are a great place to visit.  It is completely free to walk around the gardens and enjoy the beautiful scenery.  Check out the details here.

It’s Free to get in!  There are wonderful winding paths taking you through the gardens.  With all of the different types of plants, there is always something interesting to see.

The gardens are impressive, “The Auckland Botanic Gardens is located on Hill Road, Manurewa, covering 64 hectares (156 acres) of land, including 10 hectares of native forest. Opening to the public in 1982, the Auckland Botanic Gardens is a young garden by world standards”. – Read more here

This is a must-see when you are traveling around New Zealand.

Ducks at Gardens
I made friends with the ducks! They were very nice and we had a great conversation! We discussed how cold it was
I would have spent more time if it wasn’t so cold, or if I had more clothing and gloves, and perhaps if there was someone else there to enjoy it with me.
Botanical Gardens map

It rains a lot in Auckland.  If you are visiting the botanical gardens make sure you take an umbrella.  It’s always better to be on the safe/prepared side.

I made it there just in time because as you can see in these pictures the rain was headed my way!

Yellow Flowers

Moving to Another Country

I moved from the USA to New Zealand to become a live-in nanny.  This gives me a lot of time to learn about living in a different country and seeing all the sights.

I also have a lot of time by myself since I don’t know anyone. It’s quite fun being all by yourself sometimes.  When I followed all the signs to the rose garden, I thought to myself, “oh I can’t wait to see all the roses.”  Then when I arrived at the roses I saw nothing but sticks on the ground.

I should have known because it’s winter!

If someone was with me I know we would be laughing.
That is the one thing that is hard during my free time.  I am normally all by myself, either doing things like this or sitting in my room reading.  It does get lonely.
But this beautiful garden makes it a little better when being alone.


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