Minimalist Packing for a Maui Trip

Here I am, a minimalist packing for a Maui trip!  This is how I pack like a minimalist. 

When we packed for our vacation to Maui I did everything I could to pack like a minimalist. 

I put all of our clothes out in piles and carefully thought about what we would wear and what we didn’t need. 

I took things out that I knew we just wouldn’t wear, and even after all of that I still brought stuff we didn’t end up wearing.  Watch below minimalist packing for a Maui trip and scroll further to read more tips and tricks.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes will save your life when it comes to staying organized.

I personally use packing cubes for everything in my suitcase.  Group-like items together; underthings, shirts, shorts, dresses, and bathing suits each get their own cubes.  This will keep everything organized especially if you aren’t staying in one place long enough to unpack. 

It’s a great way to find the clothes you want when you are living out of your suitcase. 

Use packing cubes to keep all of your clothes in order while traveling.  

Packing For the Destination

We are going to Maui, therefore, I am not going to bring pants. 

I have been to Maui many times in the past and I never ever wear pants.  Being a minimalist, but also wanting to be prepared can be a challenge. 

I have learned to pack for the destination and not for the worst-case scenario.  If there is an emergency where I might need pants I have come to terms that most destinations have stores. 

Vacation planner for Maui


Minimalist Packing: Only Bring What You Will Wear

This has been a really hard lesson to learn. 

In the past when I would go on vacation I would go shopping and buy a bunch of new things to wear on my trip.  This always backfires because for me it takes a while to get used to clothes. 

What I mean is it can take a while to put a new look together and to know what goes well with other items.  This is not the time to worry about what you are wearing. 

My suggestion is to pack what you love and always wear or shop way ahead and figure out what the new items work well with. 

What I Pack for Maui 10 Days + 

First, a disclaimer that I am a casual person, I might dress up for one or two nights of the trip.  

1 or 2 – Shirts with sleeves.  There might be that off chance that I want to cover my shoulders

5 or so – Tank Tops

4 to 5 – Pairs of shorts

Around 5 – Dresses

2 to 3 bathing suits

At least 2 coverups

2 to 3 hats

1 pair of flip-flops and 1 pair of sandals 

Every trip we have taken to Maui I always overpack because I think I will dress up more than I do.  In the end, I find myself spending most of my time laying by the pool or on the beach.  The clothes I wear the most are bathing suits and cover-ups. 

If you are heading to Maui I hope you have a great trip!

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