Minimalist room organization for kids

Minimalist Room Organizing for Kids

Today I am sharing our minimalist room organizing for kids.  Having an organized kids room makes life easy. 

We moved into our fixer upper two months ago and the hardest part was being unorganized.  My first priority was to get the kids room completely set up and organized.  The goal is to get my two boys to put everything away and make organizing super easy for them.  I have been able to achieve this with a minimalist room organizing for kids. 

Minimalist Room Organizing for Kids


I am into a super simple white bright room.  The thing with kid “stuff” is it is normally very colorful and wild.  I love this, but it will clash if all of the base decor is also colorful.  I like to start with a neutral base so we can easily add color.  The beds are a natural wood.  When picking a carpet I went with a light gray.  When it comes to kids and carpet it is best to find a color that can hide stains.  I wanted something light, but I know white would never work.  Their bedspreads are also a light gray color and the walls are a bright white.

For us this is the perfect neutral base to then add pops of color with art and toys.



The boy’s artwork is hanging in their room.  I like to frame some of their artwork so they can enjoy what they have made.  Since decluttering and becoming more minimal I don’t save that many art projects.  My reasoning is how many pieces of art do you have hanging from when you were five?  With this in mind we do keep a few artworks that are exceptionally amazing, or things they really love.

We also have the map of the world and the map of the United States.  This is a great way for them to learn and add color to the room.


We decluttered so much over the last 2 years.  I feel like we are at a really good toy level in our home.  We have 4 bins of toys in the closet.  Always put similar toys together.

  1. Wood Trains
  2. Duplo
  3. Stuffed animals and puppets
  4. “random toys” = action figures, handcuffs, swords…


Always utilize the under the bed space for kid toys!  We have large shallow bins (from Ikea) under the boys beds, one has cars and the others have “little”lego.  I am normally the type of person who feels nothing should be stored under the bed.  As an adult if you put something under the bed you will probably never bring it out again, but as a kid you play on the floor.  If you are already on the floor then you are more likely to put something away down there. 

My goal is to keep all of the kids toys in their room.  As soon as we can’t store everything in the room, it’s time to declutter. 


We have one dresser and each of my boys has a side with 3 drawers.  I like to organize each drawer with like items.  Socks and underwear and pajamas in the top drawer.  Shirts in the middle drawer and shorts in the bottom drawer.  I like to think of the drawers in the order that they will put the clothes on.

We have gone to a capsule wardrobe which really helps keep the clothes under control.  Each of my boys has about 7 to 10 shirts and shorts.  This allows us to get through an entire week without having to do laundry.  The biggest perk of having a capsule wardrobe is the drawers are never over stuffed and it is very easy to find everything.

The only items I hang are out of season items or things they don’t wear very often.  My children are young and they can’t reach the hanging items.  I want to encourage them to get dressed and put things aways on their own.


Shoes & Hats

The shoes are kept in a box on the floor of their closet.  Again the easier I make it for them to put something away the more likely it will actually happen.  This might not be the most organized, but it is the easiest solution.  We keep two pairs of shoes for each boy and a pair of sandals.  This is the perfect amount for us, when they had more options it caused more chaos.  There was always a shoe missing or certain pairs were never worn. 

On top of their dresser is a basket for hats and sunglasses.  Assigning every item a certain place has really helped keep their room organized.  Now we aren’t searching for hats when we want to leave the house.



Recently I added some hooks into their closet.  This is for my now kindergartner’s backpack.  We are trying to establish good routines that will keep them organized in the future.  As soon as he gets home from school we eat, do homework, and hang up the backpack in the closet.

With this set up we have stayed extremely organized and my boys are learning how to clean and get ready on their own.  Minimalist room organizing for kids is the best thing I have done.  Getting rid of the excess and simplifying their room has saved me a lot of time.

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