Minimalist YouTube Channels That Inspire

minimalist youtube channels that inspire

Here are some of my favorite inspirational youtube channels about minimalism and simple living. 

When I started looking into minimalism I went onto YouTube and started searching!  I wanted a list of minimalist channels or simple living channels that I would love.  It turns out it is easy to find videos with the word minimalism or decluttering, but it takes a while to find channels that you really like.



Minimalist MOM YouTube Channels:



The Mini-Mom channel is exactly what I was imagining when I first thought of minimalism with a family. 

This was the first channel I found that showed a family with 2 kids that were minimalist or living a simple lifestyle.  Her videos demonstrate how being more minimal can make your life easier.

She follows the fly lady cleaning methods and has great tutorials on how to keep your home tidy all the time.

Once she mentioned that she never has to Spring clean because with the cleaning method she uses her home never needs extra cleaning.

Minimalism Family YouTube Channels



The channel Scandish Home has such a beautiful aesthetic.  Noemi’s family home is very simple yet beautifully decorated.

Seeing how she has time to make delicious homemade food and keep her home organized and clean shows how minimalism can give you time.

She also has a lot of videos on cleaning, how they stay eco-friendly and organized.


Minimalist YouTubers


My decluttering journey started back in 2016 when I decided to start getting rid of all the extra things in our home.  Around the same time, I made my YouTube channel to document the process.

I had no idea at the time I would become a minimalist and share my journey toward living with less.

Since then I have been making videos weekly all about being minimalist and decluttering our lives.  I love that I can help people declutter and get more organized.




Dawn from the Minimal mom gives extremely helpful advice about becoming a minimalist with a family.  She also has an insightful series all about dealing with kids and toys!

Dawn goes into how to declutter using different decluttering methods and how different methods can work for different personalities.



Lisa from Farmhouse on Boone has a lot of recipes and tutorials on simple living.  Making everything from scratch is a benefit she found from simplifying.  She says she is minimal because that is the easiest way to stay organized! I love that!


The Messy Minimalist was one of the first youtube channels I found.  I loved her style of decluttering!  She holds things up and asks herself why she kept an item for so long.

Her decluttering journey has been long and slower than others I have seen.  

She revisits different parts of her home over and over.  Which I think is an excellent way to declutter and become more minimal over time.

I also love that she is very real and doesn’t try to make everything perfect in her videos.  When I watched her it made me realize I could do the same thing she was doing.  I could declutter!


Minimalist Discussion YouTube Channels

These channels discuss everything “minimalism.”  They don’t really show their lives and homes but answer questions people have about minimalism.

Going into how to become minimalist and all the ways it will improve your life.



The Minimalists started my whole journey with their documentary about this lifestyle.  What I love about their YouTube channel is they discuss different topics that pertain to minimalism, but also go deeper into why we act the way we do.

They also question the majority.  They don’t say one way of living is better than the other they just say we should question why we do what we do.



The creator of Becoming Minimalist, Joshua Becker shares all of his decluttering advice and tips on his YouTube channel.  He has insightful discussions about decluttering and the joy of living with less.

His videos are short and to the point.


Young Minimalist YouTube Channels:

Single minimalists with no kids seem to live a completely different way than minimalists with a family.  Yes, they still live with less, but they have different priorities and of course, they can be as minimal as they want without anyone adding their opinions. 



The channel Blue Ollis is all about low waste and zero waste and how minimalism can lead you to this lifestyle.

She has a lot of great tips on how to get started on going low waste.

minimalist youtube channels


Muchelle B. lives in Australia.  Her channel is about good habits and how to stay organized through minimalism.

I love her style and the way she simplifies minimalism into something very doable.


Minimalism Living Abroad YouTube Channels



Exploring Alternatives does exactly that!  They interview people that are living alternative lifestyles.  Some of these people live in small homes or in the middle of nowhere.

What I learn from this channel is there are different ways to live and that is ok.  We don’t have to all want the same things in life, it’s ok to be different.



How to start with Minimalism?


If you are spending a ton of time continually organizing the same area, check out The Declutter Your Home Minicourse.

I created this course for anyone who is overwhelmed by their stuff.  This course is easy to follow and helps you figure out a decluttering schedule.  Which will allow you to get through the decluttering process and become more minimal.

This is the perfect course for you if:

  • You worry about your home looks before having people over (aka shoving things in closets).
  • Things are always “missing” in your home.
  • You wonder why your home doesn’t ever look clean or tidy, no matter how much cleaning you do.


If you need direction on how and where to start on your decluttering journey check out The Declutter Your Home Minicourse!


WATCH THE Minimalist YouTube Channels That Inspire VIDEO:


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Pin Minimalist YouTube Channels That Inspire:

Minimalist youtube channels

minimalist youtube channels, simple living channels

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    I really recommend Orden y Minimalismo.
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    Great list! Another you may enjoy is Sarah Therese.

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