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Today I am sharing our minimalist kitchen appliances, what we use and what we got rid of when decluttering.  The items in your kitchen are going to vary depending on your lifestyle. 

We eat home-cooked meals every day, but I work from home so I have plenty of time to prepare my meals. 

The items I am sharing below are the things that made the cut back when I first started decluttering.

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Minimalist Kitchen Appliances Video:


When I first started decluttering I got rid of all the duplicate items and everything that was obvious.  After the initial declutter I waited to see what I was truly using. 

I simply pay close attention to what we really need.  So what did we declutter and what did we keep? 

I ended up donating my slow cooker, wok, huge food processor, duplicate utensils, multiple strainers, and anything that we rarely used.


Minimalist Kitchen Appliances:


Look for one item that can take the place of several appliances. For instance, when my blender broke I decided to replace it with a Ninja. 

The Ninja was able to take the place of my broken blender and our old food processor.  This saved us a lot of cupboard space.

This is the Ninja we have and LOVE!

Whenever I am shopping for a new appliance I like to do my homework. 

The last thing I want to do is buy something that I am going to have to turn around and declutter all over again.  I look for items that have good reviews and something that is high quality.


Hot Water Kettle

We like to use a hot water kettle in our home.  I love that I can have hot water almost instantly for tea and coffee.  After a year of analyzing my kitchen, I realized that we never used our traditional tea kettles.  Yes, we had 2! 

At this point, it was safe to declutter the tea kettles, because I knew I wouldn’t use them.  “But what if there is an emergency and we need hot water and there is no electricity?”  I quickly realized if there was this emergency I could boil water in a pot and use that.

I have had people tell me that they did the exact opposite and got rid of their electric kettle and kept the traditional one. 

This is why minimalism and decluttering are different for everyone.  You have to keep what you will use and what you really love.


Minimalism and Kitchen Clutter:


We had a toaster and a toaster oven.  They sat side by side on our counter for years.  When I began to declutter I started to question if we really needed both.  Again I analyzed how much we really used the toaster oven. 

It was rarely used, and honestly, it took so much time to heat up that it wasn’t very convenient. 

I decided to keep the regular toaster and donate the toaster oven, it has been a few years now and we have never thought about it since.  All of these appliances usually live on our kitchen counters and cause a lot of visual clutter. 

This is another motivating factor to whittle down the number of appliances in your kitchen.  Keep the few that you actually love and use.  When we finally cleared our kitchen counters of all the appliances everyone said our home looked a lot larger.


Water Purifier

The water where we live is fine right out of the tap, but it tastes a lot better after it has been filtered.  In our previous home, we had a built-in water filtration system that I loved, but since we moved we had to find something else. 

We are currently using this large Brita water filtration system.  I can recommend this water system because it works great and makes the water taste good.  The only drawback is we are constantly having to refill this jug! 

As a family of 4 we go through a lot of water and the more water that goes through the filter the sooner the filter has to be replaced.  So as I said, this is working great for now, but we will be on the hunt for a long-term solution.


Minimalism and Kitchen Counter Space:

Hand Mixer

We have had this hand mixer since 2011 and it is still working great.  We do a fair amount of baking and I find that this small mixer can usually get the job done. 

About a year ago someone offered me one of those large industrial mixers with the attached bowl.  Who turns down a free mixer?  This is when I stopped to think if I really needed a larger appliance that I might use once or twice a month. 

I also questioned if I was able to live 9 years without one then why would I want one now.

The final decision came down to one question.  Where would I put a large mixer? 

This would have to sit out on the counter and take up precious counter space that we need for food prep. 

These are the thoughts that fly through my head before I bring something into my home.  Of course, I decided to stick with this small hand mixer.


Coffee Press

I love coffee and I drink it every day, but we have decided against having a large instant coffee machine.  There are a few reasons why I wouldn’t want one of those machines, but the number one reason is they take up a ton of room. 

We have a simple coffee press that makes an excellent cup of coffee and doesn’t take up much space.  

We use a coffee press, it is very affordable and easy to use.  I like to keep things as simple as possible, the fewer machines to deal with the better.




In our home, we do use a microwave.  There is nothing special about it, but it is very convenient to reheat things using a microwave. 

We could probably live without it and I know a lot of people are not using microwaves anymore, but since we have one we use it. 

If I had to get rid of one of my appliances it would probably be the microwave because I can see it would be easy to get by without one. 


Why Minimalist Rules Don’t Always Apply

Bread Machine

The one item that we haven’t used in a while, but that I still keep is our Bread Machine.  Under normal circumstances, if I didn’t use something for over 6 months I would declutter it, but if there is a good reason then I won’t. 

In the last 6 months, we moved and redid our kitchen.  The last thing on my mind was bread-making. 

This is why we can’t use a blanket rule for decluttering.  A lot of people say if you haven’t used something in 6 months then declutter it.  I like to say analyze your home every 4 to 6 months to see what you are using and why. 

If you know you won’t be using something often or that you might use it once a year then it’s time to think about if you really need or want it.

These are all the minimalist kitchen appliances that we use as a minimalist family.  We have had way more in the past, but I decided to let them go.  The space they took up and the thought of getting them out always put me off wanting to use them. 

By only keeping what we use we have a very simplified kitchen that makes it easy to cook and clean.


Here is our kitchen before and after our mini renovations.

See our 1950’s Kitchen Tour Here


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