14 Day Minimalist Challenge

minimalist challenge

Let’s simplify our lives a little more with a 14-day minimalist challenge.  Here is a simple list of tasks for the next 14 days.

Feel free to modify them as you see fit and make them work for you.  I am looking forward to getting a little more organized by the end of these 14 days.

14 Day Minimalist Challenge:

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Day One: Evaluate your spending habits


This can be very simple.  Just jot down where your money is being spent. 

First, list out the things you must buy and then list out the things that are not necessary.  Knowing where your money is going will help with saving more of it.


Day Two: Declutter 10 items from your closet


Find 10 items from your closet or anywhere in your home.  Even though we have decluttered our whole home in the past I can usually still find 10 things we don’t need.

There are always new things coming in so usually there is something we have outgrown or don’t use. 

We decluttered pillows!

Here is the exact decluttering process I used in an actionableDecluttering E-Book.

Check out my Get Things Done Printable to stay organized and on task.


Day Three: Assess your amount of furniture


Furniture gets overlooked in the decluttering process.  We tend to think about what is in our cupboards more than the big bulky items.

Our home felt way more open and simple after I got rid of some extra furniture pieces we didn’t need.


Day Four: Make a Budget


This is similar to day one (evaluate your spending), but a little different.

Now that you know where your money is being spent setting up a budget is easy.  Decide how much you want to save every month and how much can be spent on extra fun things.

Make two columns on a piece of paper.  One side is how much you make and the other side is how much you spend.

Now subtract the amount spent from the amount made.  This is how much money is “extra.”



Day 5: Declutter one drawer


Find one drawer that needs some extra attention.  By focusing on one small area it will be a quick decluttering win.

Pull everything out of the drawer.  Get rid of any trash or things that are no longer used.

Simply put everything back.

Now there is one more organized place in your home.

declutter drawer


Day 6: Declutter social media accounts or emails


If you are like me then your social media accounts can get very busy quickly.  

Decluttering social media and emails are easy to do but often get overlooked.

First, unsubscribe from everything that you don’t need second delete everything that you already read or no longer need.

It feels great to have an up-to-date email account.


Day 7: Declutter your car


All week long we get in and out of our car.  We don’t really store anything in there besides our reusable grocery bags, but wrappers and everything else gets left behind.

Take a small portion of today to go through and take out all the trash.  Organize everything that you do store in your car so it’s neat and tidy.

Even clean it if you have the energy!

clean car


Day 8: Donate 10 books


Most people have a lot of books in their homes that they have already read.  These books will most likely never be read again.

It is great to pass books on to friends and family that might enjoy them.


Day 9: Go through the medicine cabinet


The medicine cabinet is often ignored.  We just add more and more to the tiny shelves.

Take a few minutes to go through and see what you no longer need.  Expired medications or old toothbrushes can be discarded for clean shelves.

Do you already have a decluttered cabinet? Take today to get it clean and organized.


Day 10: Declutter extra home decor


I have had a lot of comments in the past asking me what to do with all the extra home decor.

Declutter it!  Just kidding… but seriously go through and pick out all the decor that you don’t like anymore.

Over time our decorating style changes and holding onto old decor only clutters our lives.

Take today to go through all the extra decor you never use.


Day 11: Day of rest


Make some time in your day to rest.  The whole point of simplifying and becoming more minimal is so we can enjoy our days.

Book an hour today to do nothing, or do something you love.

Go for a walk, sit outside, meditate, anything that will make you happy.



Day 12: Delete Apps


Go through your phone and get rid of all the extra apps that you never use.  Clean out your saved pictures.

A month ago my phone let me know that it needed more space.  I downloaded all the photos onto my computer and deleted them off my phone.

It was shocking how fast my phone worked with the extra space.


Day 13: Start a good habit


Everyone talks about bad habits.  But I think we should start some good habits.

Pick one good habit you want to try starting.  Like making your bed every day, that is easy.

In conclusion, by picking up one good habit a month you will see a massive change by the end of the year. 

Here are 21 Minimalist Habits to Try Today!


Day 14: Drop off donations


If we keep all the donations sitting in our home then we never feel like we have truly decluttered.

Because the stuff is still there!  This is simple: Start by putting the donations in your car.

Secondly lookup a donation location. Thirdly drop them off.

Most importantly by getting rid of the donations you will see a visible difference in your home which is a great feeling.

drop off stuff


Conclusion 14 Day Minimalist Challenge


After 14 days of simplifying you are on the road to a minimalist lifestyle.

There are many reasons why people simplify.  Above all, I feel it is to make life more enjoyable. 

I hope you enjoyed this challenge and it was helpful!

If you like getting organized check out Let’s Get Things Done Planner!


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Check List: 14 Day Minimalism Challenge:

14 day minimalist challenge print

Click here to download the 14-day minimalist challenge checklist.

14 day minimalist challenge

The Minimalists also have a fun 30-day minimalism game in case you want to become more minimal =)

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  1. Tiffany

    This is such a wonderful idea!! I love this checklist and will for sure be using it. You have helped my family on our journey to become more minimalist. Thank you 😊 and I love your content…on this blog and on YouTube.

    1. SHANNON

      Oh I am so happy to hear this! I hope you are having a great week.

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