Morning Routine Tidy Tips as a Minimalist Family

Today I am sharing our morning routine tidy tips as a minimalist family.  Now that we are more minimal it is very easy to keep our home clean with these tidy tips.

Each morning I go through this simple tidy routine to get my home in order for the day.

Watch the Tidy Tips!


What is Tidying?

Tidying is not cleaning, tidying is putting everything in its place.  I like to go around our house gathering everything and put it away.  Set the dishes in the sink.  Dirty clothes in the hamper.  Tidying should be quick and easy.


One Room At a Time

When I am in a room I try to do as much as I can in that room before I head out.  For example in my boy’s room, I make the beds, pick up the laundry, put the toys away.  If there are things that go in another room I pile them up and take them with me when I leave the room.  By doing as much as possible in each room you will save a lot of time.

Once you pick up an item take it to where it needs to go in that room, don’t set it back down.  If the item doesn’t belong in the room then put it by the door.  


Minimalist Basket Method

The basket method is where you gather items that don’t belong in certain rooms.  Throw all the items in the basket. 

When you are done with all of your tidyings quickly walk through your home putting away the items from the basket. 

This saves so much time and effort.  Here is a really in-depth article on the basket method in case you want to see proof. 


Flat Surface Rule

The flat surface rule is to clear off all the flat surfaces in your home. 

Empty off the dining room table and put everything in its proper place.  Try to clear the kitchen counters of all the junk.  This will make your home look so clean and tidy.

I have a catch-all basket in my kitchen where I store my purse and anything I need to get out the door. 

Every day I like to go through this basket and put everything into its proper place.  By doing this I keep my basket clutter-free.


Make The Bed

I make my bed immediately.  The second I roll out of bed I pull up the covers and throw on the pillows. 

I love this moment in my day because I can walk out of my bedroom knowing it is completely tidy. 

This is the one-bedroom that I don’t ever have to revisit to tidy.  My rule is the last person out of bed must make it!  It is usually me, but on the weekends my husband also knows the drill. 

By doing this tidy routine every morning and every evening I am able to keep our home looking clean and organized.



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