Waking Up At 5am Night Time Prep!

I decided to start waking up at 5am to see if it would make a difference in my day.  Waking up at 5am is easier than I thought it would be (you can read about it here) .  Today I am going to share what I do the night before a 5am wake up call. 

If I don’t set myself up for a 5am wake up call it just won’t happen.  Here are 5 things I do at night so I am ready to get up super early.

Get Ready for Bed Time

Before I actually jump in bed I like to get ready for bed time.  If you have kids you might call this the wind down time.  Usually we give our children a bath and get them to relax before getting them into bed.

It is the same for us adults.  I find it really hard to go from working on a project with bright light straight to sleeping.

About 30 minutes before my intended bed time I like to turn down the lights and try to do something relaxing.  Personally I like to read or listen to a meditation app.  Everyone is different so find out what is most relaxing to you and do that.

Dim the Lights

I have found it really important to dim the lights before bed.  If I am staring at my phone or tablet it is much harder for me to fall asleep.

Light seems to wake us up.  “Too much light, right before bedtime may prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. In fact, one study recently found that exposure to unnatural light cycles may have real consequences for our health including increased risk for depression.

Regulating exposure to light is an effective way to keep circadian rhythms in check.” says the National Sleep Foundation

Blue light blocking computer glasses can help! These glasses absorb 98% of blue light from laptops, computers & tablets, which helps prevent cataracts and macular degeneration!

I like to dim the lights about 10 to 15 minutes before I try to go to bed.  If I am going to read in bed I use a really low yellow tinted light.  Doing this has really helped me to fall asleep faster.


Write Everything Down

Do you ever get in bed and start thinking?  There are nights when I get ready for bed and I am relaxed and then my mind starts racing.  Every idea for the next week starts popping into my head.

This is why I like to do a brain dump before bed.  I will write down anything that pops into my head.  This is such a great way to get ready for the next day.  You have your list of ideas to review in the morning and you aren’t trying to remember these ideas all night.

I write everything in my calendar that way I know I won’t forget.

Morning Goal

I like to have a reason to get up early in the morning.  If there is no goal, I won’t wake up.  After I started to wake up at 5am for a while, I realized it was much easier to think about my goal the night before.

I like to make a simple list of the items that I intend to accomplish.  It is important to write down your goal and how you intend to accomplish it.

Even if you don’t show anyone!  There are studies that have been done to prove that writing your goals down will make them more likely to happen “you become 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, simply by writing them down on a regular basis.” says

Morning Set Up

Setting up for my morning is crucial!  If I am going somewhere early I will lay out my clothes the night before.  I will also plan for my day, preset the coffee machine and pre make my breakfast and lunch.

If I am going to be working on my blog or computer early in the morning I will set that up.  I like to have my notes of what I plan to work on and the steps I need to take to get everything done.  Try to eliminate distractions!

If you are waking up early you don’t want to waste all of that extra time scrolling through instagram.  Next thing you know you wasted all your early morning time.   I will log out of distracting apps the night before, that way I am not tempted in the morning.

Use a programable coffee machine, they are the best.  Just set it and forget it!

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I hope these 5 bed time tips helped get you ready for the 5am wake up call.  What do you do at night to get ready for the morning?

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