Spring Cleaning Routine

spring cleaning routine

Today I am sharing my spring cleaning routine.  Spring cleaning is a little different from my everyday cleaning schedule, but don’t worry it is not hard.

It is all about reaching those areas that you normally miss!


How do you start Spring Cleaning?

First, pick a day or week when you know you will be home.  Then make some time in your schedule for the cleaning tasks.

List out every area you intend to clean and mark each area on your calendar.  With this method, the cleaning will happen.

If you schedule one large area each day then you can finish in about a week or so.


How long should Spring Cleaning Take?

I have found it takes about 7 to 8 days to completely spring clean my home.

By cleaning a few things each day it is easy to accomplish every task in about a week.

Spring Cleaning Blueprint Video:


8 Main Spring Cleaning Areas


1 – Outdoor Prep

The weather is getting better and we are outside more.  Eating and playing outside is the best part of Spring and Summer.

Focus on cleaning your outdoor areas.  I like to wash all of my outdoor mats.  This is the first area someone steps on before they come into your home, so I want it to be clean.

Sweep and hose off all patio areas and furniture.  If you live in a colder climate then you might bring out your furniture that was stored throughout the winter.

Lastly, I will add some flowers and possibly work in the garden.


2 – Windows

Now is the best time to wash all the windows.  I focus on the outside first.

The windows inside are cleaned regularly, but focus on what needs to be done.

Cleaning the windows will let a lot of light into your home.  The weather is nice in spring so it’s a good time to get this task finished.


3 – Missed Areas

Focus on all the areas you always miss.

When I am spring cleaning I don’t want to waste my time with everyday tasks.  Let those go for a week.

Get those missed areas!  Clean the window treatments, and wash curtains.

Wipe down the baseboards, I even paint mine if needed.

Move the big furniture and vacuum and mop where dust collects throughout the year.

spring clean baseboards


4 – Garage

We work on a lot of home improvement projects in our garage.  So much dust is created from cutting wood.

I like to sweep and shop vac our garage.  One of my days is focused on organizing and putting everything away in our garage.


5 – The Refrigerator

When you are low on food use that to your advantage to clean the fridge.

Pull everything out and give it a good scrub.

We use bins to keep everything organized so I wash all of these as well.

As I am putting everything back I like to focus on how it is organized.  Also, make a list of everything that is needed for your next shopping trip.


6 – Air Vents

Every season we should clean or switch out air filters.  Our air filters are the reusable type so I make sure to hose them off.

I also take this time to vacuum all of the vent covers and wipe them down.

By doing this your home will stay cleaner. 

Less dust will be flying through the air and it will take the stress off your air system.


7 – High Areas

Get all the cobwebs out of the corners!

Attach a rag at the end of your broom and sweep it into all the high corners.

It is amazing how much dust and hard to see webs are collecting in the high areas of our homes.

spring clean baseboards


8 – General Spring Refresh

Lastly, I like to do a complete spring refresh.  Change the sheets and switch out blankets.

If it is getting warm I put away all of our heaters and bring out the fans.

Open all the windows and let some fresh air into our home.

If my walls are scuffed I will get out the paint and touch up all the high traffic areas.

It is crazy how a few paint touch-ups can transform your home!




What Month is Spring Cleaning?


Traditionally spring cleaning started in the month of April or March.  The main reason being the weather is starting to warm up and people could open their windows.

Because of the warmer weather people are using their fireplaces less often which causes less soot.  This allows those areas to be cleaned.

“In North America and northern Europe, the custom found an especially practical value due to those regions’ continental and wet climates. During the 19th century in America, prior to the advent of the vacuum cleaner, March was often the best time for dusting because it was getting warm enough to open windows and doors (but not warm enough for insects to be a problem)” – according to Wikipedia


Spring Tidy Conclusion

By focusing on these eight areas in my home I am able to get everything clean for spring.

Try my cleaning planner to get organized and start a cleaning routine.

Cleaning planner

Allowing us to relax and have fun outside in the warm weather.  Let me know in the comments what areas you like to focus on when spring cleaning?

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2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Routine”

  1. Amelia

    The air vents are something I’m always forgetting about it haha! I’m ringing in early spring with a hardwood refinishing and then I plan to go all in with spring cleaning. Thanks for making sure I cover all the bases!

  2. Emily

    Loved that you included the history of spring cleaning! So interesting. Over the years I’ve found I’m motivated to clean when I can outsource a few of the jobs. I genuinely look forward to my annual carpet cleaning because it kickstarts my cleaning frenzy!

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