Easy to Sew Sweater Alterations

Easy to Sew Sweater Alterations

Lately, I have been seeing lots of blog posts about how easy it is to take in large clothes, and I thought I might as well give it a try!  Here are some easy-to-sew sweater alterations. 
The dark pink sweater is the one I made the alterations to and the light pink sweater is the one I used as a pattern.
sweater alterations
This is a very easy way to take in a sweater and make it fit better. 
First, make sure the large clothing items are inside out.  Second, lay the big sweater down flat and lay the smaller sweater on top of the larger one.
Make sure to match up the neck and shoulders.
Once the sweaters are lined up, pin the large sweater following the pattern and outline of the smaller sweater.
sewing sweater
Make sure you sew along the outside of the pins. This will ensure that the sweater won’t be too small.
large sweater
After you are done sewing, turn it the correct way and try it on to make sure it fits properly.
Thankfully the sweater fit great.  Now turn the sweater back inside out and cut off the extra material.
Leave a little room next to the stitching.

Alterations Before and After

This is the only picture I could find of the “large” sweater.  I bought this sweater from H&M a few years ago and thought it would shrink in the wash, but it never did.
Instead of just throwing it away or donating it I am so happy I was able to alter it.
too large sweater
Here is how it looks after the alterations.  Of course, this is not how I would normally wear a sweater.
Over a dress lol, I was only trying it on.
good fit sweater
I love how it turned out.  It is now tight enough that I can wear it as a shirt in the winter.

Comment below and let me know your simple alteration tips.


Easy to Sew Sweater Alterations

2 thoughts on “Easy to Sew Sweater Alterations”

  1. Kristine

    What type of stitch did you use? What was the length and width?
    Did you use a walking foot?
    What type of needle and thread did you use?

    1. SHANNON

      I went off a sweater that already fit me. So just find something that fits you and go off of that. I don’t think the type of stitch really matters, I just did the basic straight stitch and I used the type of thread and needle that go with the material that I was working on.

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