How to Live a Simple Life in America

How to live a simple life in America

A simple life in America might seem just out of reach. Every day is surrounded by ads, social media, and never-ending consumerism. Having a busy life in your home and at your place of work can take its toll on your overall well-being.

Living a simple, minimalistic life is defined differently for many people, but ultimately it is a way to slow down and enjoy a more simplified life by cutting out unnecessary things.

Simplifying your life has to be defined by what you want it to look like for you and your family. You always want to do what’s best for you, but here are some suggestions on how to start to live a simple life in America.


So How to live a simple life in America?


Change Mindset

Shifting your mindset is the most crucial way to live a simple life.

It’s much more than just decluttering your home. It’s about shifting the way you think about the different aspects of your life and the changes you have to make to get there.

You have to shift your habits, beliefs, and the overall way you think about many things, and the shifts take time and persistence as you work towards a simple life.


Establish Routines and Manage Your Time


Your time is a valuable resource that you want to be able to cherish and use for things that mean the most to you. Manage your time better by creating daily routines that help you accomplish small microtasks throughout the day.

When you have a better grip on your daily schedule, you have more time to focus on personal time, hobbies, or anything meaningful to you.


minimalist day in the life

For instance, I try to put everything away every night before I go to bed.  This way I am ready for a new day in the morning!


Find a Minimalist Community

Changing to a simple or minimalist life can be a struggle, and you may have questions or just need support.

There are many communities out there where you can connect with other minimalists.

A community will allow you to ask any questions you may have or find tips and tricks that may help you transition or help you make changes to the way you already do things. It’s encouraging when you find a group with similar interests and makes it easier to stay motivated.



Be Okay with Saying No


Busy people tend to believe that if they are busy, they must be living a fulfilling life full of friends and family.

In America, this is entirely normal. If you are the many people whose schedules fill up with social events because you find it hard to say no, you are not alone. Living a simple life is breaking free of that busy schedule and making more personal time for you and your family, however that may look like.

Whether it’s quiet time reading a book, making time to go for a family walk around the park, or just doing nothing, cutting down on the number of activities in your day can reduce your anxieties and stresses and help you live a more relaxing life.


Declutter Your Home


In America, we are the professionals when it comes to consumerism. We have made it a status symbol to own as much stuff as possible and that you should keep everything just in case, you may need that one thing you’ve never used one day.

Go through your home and find things that are no longer necessary and are no longer used. Decluttering and organizing your space can give you peace of mind, and you will feel less distracted and more productive.

To simplify your space, you need to look at your home with a critical eye and link about the things you own that no longer serve a purpose.

It’s not about depriving yourself of things but learning to live without all the excess. You could even sell some items to help pay off debts.


declutter course

Check out my DECLUTTERING EBOOK with all the info on how you can declutter your home without all the stress!


Reclaim Your Time by Removing Social Media


Social media can consume not only your time but it can consume your mind!  Shifting your mindset into negative spaces.

It’s not that social media is completely horrible to spend time on.

Limited it in your life to allow time for more important things like being in the present moment. Spend more time with your family or take on those tasks you may have been putting off instead.

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Budget and Track Your Expenses


Living a simple life should also lead you to a simple budget for your household. Start tracking your expenses and taking note of what you are paying for.  Look for things that you don’t really need.

Cutting unnecessary expenses and costs can benefit you and your family by saving you money.

When you save money, you can use those funds for larger expenses, retirement, or anything that would bring you joy. Many people spend hundreds of dollars a year on gym memberships, streaming services, and many other monthly services they rarely use.





Learn How to Single Task


Many people tend to overdo it when they multitask, and it ends up making them less productive and more distracted.

If you learn how to focus on one task at a time, your ability to focus improves, and you can get the things you need to get done checked off your to-do list must faster.

Time blocking is a powerful tool that helps you identify your main goals of the day. This helps you to easily set aside time to focus on these things daily.

You will find more time freeing up in your day by focusing on one priority at a time. 

Closet Before and After Organizing

Life is filled with distractions that can stress you out and complicate your day.

It may seem impossible to live a simple life in a country where the bigger is better.  The more stuff you have, the more important you are, but it is possible. Work to simplify your life by decluttering, organizing your finances, and scheduling time for the people you love most.

Your life will feel more fulfilling, and you can enjoy the little things more.

For more tips on how to live a simple minimalist life in America, check out my YouTube channel here.  


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