Minimalist YouTube Channels

Minimalist YouTube channels are a great way to become inspired and see minimalism in action!

Minimalist youtube channels


When simplifying my life, decluttering, and becoming more minimalist I needed inspiration. 

Looking for tips and tricks on how other people had become minimal. 

During all my investigating I have found some amazing minimalist YouTube channels.

With minimalism, there isn’t a rule book or a certain “way” to simplify and become minimal. 

There are also a lot of different degrees of minimalism.  Extreme minimalism, Family minimalism, A simplified life and so many more.

Minimalist YouTube channels are a great way to see how different people view and implement minimalism.


Minimalism Lifestyle YouTube Channels

Minimalist Youtube channels

These YouTube channels inspire a minimalist lifestyle.  With tips and tricks on how to live a simplified life.  Each channel is very different, but they all illustrate the benefits of minimal life.

The Minimalists – Two minimalist friends that talk about life.  Giving simple living tips and advice on how to become minimalist.

Matt D’Avella – Talks about habits, minimalism, and life.

Kyra Ann – How to live a frugal life as a minimalist plus much more.

Ashlynne Eaton – Videos about saving money, decluttering, and simple living.

Sarah Therese – She talks about her minimalist lifestyle.

Abundantly Minimal By Sarah – Posts new videos each week to help you live more abundantly with less.

Knight Designs – By Deirdre – This is a channel if you want to redesign your life and possibly downsize into a smaller place.

Pick Up Limes  By Sadia – She is a nutritionist but also a minimalist.  There are some amazing videos about minimalism and how it changed her life.

Heal Your Living – She is an extreme minimalist that shares wellness and sustainability tips.

Exploring Alternatives – This shows alternative living options that people have chosen.

Nate O’Brien – Talks about money and frugal living tips and is also a minimalist.

Simple Happy Zen by Vera – She shows her simple life with a lot of tips on how to become minimal.

Ronald L. Banks – A minimalist and creative writer sharing his talents.

Rebecca Sisson – Eco friendly minimalist, traveling and now living in a minimalist home.

Jana Leigh – Motherhood, minimalism and mindfulness.

Benita Larsson – Scandinavian video creator talking about her minimal lifestyle.

Lefie – “Forever striving for quality, clarity, and a bit of discomfort.”

Rob Greenfield – Earth’s messenger for green living!


Family Minimalist Channels

Minimalism Family YouTube Channels


Minimalism with a family is a little different than being single.  For instance, you have to take into consideration they might not want to be minimal. 

These channels give some really good tips on being minimalist with a family.

Becoming Minimalist by Joshua Becker  – Inspirational videos and posts about becoming minimalist, simple living, and good habits.  Straightforward informational videos every week. 

The Minimal Mom By Dawn – Videos about how to declutter, stay minimalist, and conversations about simple life.

Minimom By Bailey – A peek into their minimalist life.

Shannon Torrens By Me! – Minimalist and decluttering tips and tricks.

Simple Living with Scandish Home By Noemi – She shows us her simple living life with examples on how to be eco-friendly and organized. 

Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson – She lives a waste-free life and explains everything she does so we can do it too.

Darci Isabella – Minimalist Mama of 10!

A to Zen Life – Marissa has a family of 4 and downsized all their belongings to move from the USA to Europe. 


Simple Capsule Wardrobe Channels

Minimalism YouTube


A capsule wardrobe can keep you minimal, and save money, and the environment.  These channels show that a minimalist wardrobe does not have to be boring.

A Small Wardrobe – She created a small wardrobe and has some excellent tips on how you can do the same.

Use Less By Signe. – Inspires us with her curated eco-friendly wardrobe.

Shelbizleee – Eco Minimalism!  She is zero waste and uses minimalism as a way to save our earth from pollution.


Decluttering YouTube Channels

Here are some channels that are in the decluttering process and becoming minimalist.  

Messy Minimalist By Rachel. –  Maximalist to Minimalist, she shows herself decluttering and simplifying.

Erica Lucas – Decluttering and becoming more and more minimal in each video.


Home Organizing YouTube Channels

Getting organized after you have decluttered is the best benefit of minimalism.  Here are a few channels that show you how easy it is to be organized.

The Organized Soprano By Kay – Home Organization for real life not photos by a professional!

ClutterBug By Cassandra Aarssen. – Decluttering and organizing advice.  She also helps other people redecorate.

Clean My Space – Videos on how to declutter and clean your space.

Do It On A Dime – Get organized without a lot of money!


Conclusion Minimalist YouTube Channels 

I hope this collection of minimalist YouTube channels inspires you along your minimalist journey. 

Becoming minimal is much easier when you can see how other people have done it!  Leave me a comment below if there are any channels I should add to this list.

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12 thoughts on “Minimalist YouTube Channels”

  1. Kathy

    Thanks for putting the best of the channels all on one page. I’ll save this to refer to.

    1. SHANNON

      Yay! Let me know if you want me to add any channels. =)

      1. Lisa

        A Hoarder’s Heart. She isn’t minimal but gives huge insight into why people keep things they don’t need. Her basement and home decluttering process is amazing!

        1. SHANNON

          Thank you! I will add her to the list. =)

      2. Lisa

        I would also add But First, Coffee to the list of family helpers! 😊

        1. SHANNON

          Thank you! I will add her too =)

    1. SHANNON

      Thank you! I will be adding these today. I love a great minimalist channel =)

  2. Kristina

    Darci Isabella has an amazing minimalist channel! I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve watcher her videos. 😁

    1. SHANNON

      Thank you! I can’t believe I forgot to add her, I also love her channel.

  3. Sarah

    Great list Shannon! I have watched a few other channels and each have their own unique way of going about minimalism. Your channel, Naomi’s channel and the minimal mom speak to me the most and it feels like hanging out with a friend :). Some people just don’t understand my love for a clean, less cluttered home, so thank you for making me feel normal haha. Have a wonderful day!

    1. SHANNON

      Thank you! Yes I love all those channels too =) I hope you have a great day!

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