Minimalist Challenge

minimalist challenge
Yesterday I did a minimalist challenge.  The challenge is to go through your house and try to gather 60 + items to get rid of or donate in 60 minutes.

Minimalist Challenge

This challenge is designed to be very easy.  Set a timer and start going through your home looking for things to declutter.

Once the time is up count how many items you have found.  I bet you will find more than 60!

  • Start looking for the obvious items first
  • Look on countertops and for clutter that could be stashed in a corner (waiting to be dealt with)
  • Once you find all the obvious things then go room by room digging a little deeper.

The thing we want to remember is this is only meant to take 60 minutes.  So we don’t want to be pulling a ton of things out of closets and causing a mess for ourselves.

This is just grabbing that shirt you never wear or no longer like.  Finding those toys that no one plays with or has been broken for months.

If you are in the kitchen grab the cups that are chipped or the plastic junkie cups that you hate to look at.

Decluttering and Becoming Minimal

When we first started decluttering it was really easy to find a lot of stuff to donate. But as we have become more minimal it has taken me a little longer and I have had to dig deeper to find things.

All that to say every time I let things go that we don’t need I feel SO GOOD! 

My home is easier to clean and organize and I feel less stressed.  

How Did This Declutter Challenge Go For Me?

I thought this would be so super easy, but turned out that it wasn’t!  The day before I did this challenge I had gone through my son’s room and other parts of our house and filled an entire black trash bag with stuff to give away. 
Then I decided to do this challenge and realized, there weren’t a lot of easy things lying around.  So I had to dig into places that I would normally overlook.  This made me really like the challenge because I donated stuff that I would have never used but kept “just because” it was there.
I swear “just in case” items are something we all tend to hold onto in fear that we might just need something in a pinch.  But as time goes by I always realize all these items are just clutter in disguise. 
This is a great challenge to try every season!

Watch The Minimalism Challenge 60 things to declutter in 60 minutes:



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