How to Organize My Time as a Mom

how to organize time as a mom

Keeping track of time as a mom can be difficult.  Here are seven of my best tips on how to organize my time as a mom.

I am currently a full-time stay-at-home mom and I run my own mini business. Let’s just say time management isn’t always easy.

Sometimes I feel like I am getting nothing done!  Other days feel as if I am getting a lot of work done, but my housework is falling apart.

After implementing these seven strategies to organize my time I have found a better balance.

7 Tips on How to Organize My Time as a Mom

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1 – Plan Your Time Out

Get a calendar or planner and write down everything that needs to be done.  At the beginning of each month, I like to fill out all the appointments and important dates that need to be remembered. 

Once the obvious things are written down I plan out anything that I would like to accomplish this month.  Keeping my goals realistic is very important!

Think about what you can actually accomplish in a day.  It can be overwhelming if the list is too long.

Since I also work from home I try to balance my time between work and home life.

My goal is to spend about 70% of my day on my family and home and the other 30% on my work.  These percentages can vary depending on what is going on but I try to put my family first.


2 – Batch Work to Save Time

Batching work will save time!  Figure out what can be done in a batch.  For instance, before I write a blog post I do all the research for several posts at one time.  Then I will know what I am meant to write for the next week or two.

At home when I am cutting vegetables for a snack I will cut extras for dinner.  When I get the vacuum out for one mess I will quickly run it through the house, why get it out again later?

My favorite thing to batch is laundry.  I used to do a load of laundry each day.  This made me feel as if the laundry never ended. 

Now I wash one load after another in one day.  Like a machine, I wash the clothes, dry them, fold them, and put them away.  By focusing on the laundry I get it done faster and we know everything is clean at one time.

This helps everyone in the family to know where their clothes are.

Batch working saves time because I do not have to get something out and put it away many times throughout the day or week.  Also once I start getting into the groove of doing one task it becomes quicker and easier to stick with that.  Switching between tasks can slow me down mentally and physically.



3 – Separate Work and Life Calendars


Keeping a separate calendar for my work has been life-changing! When everything was combined it was hard to focus on what had to get done each day.

Filling out my work calendar with projects that are due has helped me focus on what has to be done.  Not all tasks are equal.

I also try to focus on tasks that will move the dial. This means working on the most important tasks that will yield the biggest positive changes.

I keep the less important tasks for when I have lots of extra time.


4 – Remove Non-Essential Tasks


If everything is important then nothing is important.  I have decluttered a lot of physical things in my life, but lately, I am decluttering “things to do” in my life too.

For instance, I realized I do not need to be on every social media platform for my business or my home life.  Pick what social platforms you like and leave the rest behind.

For my home life, I have removed other non-essential things. One non-essential task I removed was dealing with throw pillows.  This sounds silly, but I decided I didn’t need to add the extra few minutes it took to deal with pillows when making my bed.

Analyze what really needs to get done each day.  Does my home need to be sparkling clean every day? NO

Do we need to eat every day? Yes!  You get the idea LOL.

stop scrolling


5 – Set a Time Limit

Nothing gets something done faster than having a time limit or a due date.  Setting a simple timer to get things done really helps.

I like to set a timer for 30 minutes and see how many dishes I can get done or how much of my house I can clean.

When the timer goes off I can either continue or move on to another task that needs to get done.

Setting a due date for a project is also an excellent idea!  We are about to have some guests come and stay at our home and I have said we must have our current bathroom project finished before they get here.

The good thing about a due date is it holds us accountable and it helps me to plan out my time in a way that gets the project done.


6 – Delegate

See what other people can do for you.  For instance, in our home, I like to delegate chores to family members who can handle them.

My children are at the age now where they can help put away their own clothes.  As a mom, I think we take on everything to keep our homes running smoothly.  But there is no reason why everyone can’t help around the house.

In some cases, it might pay to hire people from outside your family to help out. If you can afford it then why not get some help where it is needed?  This will give you more time for the things that you need and want to do.


Some things that can be delegated to your family members:

If you live in my home you can help out!

  • Laundry
  • Dishes
  • Simple cleaning chores
  • Cleaning up after yourself
  • Making beds
  • Cooking

Gain time by hiring someone:

Hiring someone to help out where needed can go a long way in giving you some extra time.

  • Housecleaner
  • Meal service
  • Gardener
  • Baby sitter
  • Mom’s Helper
  • Nanny
  • Tutor
  • If your business is online you can get a virtual assistant 

me planning

7 – Analyze your Time

Pay close attention to where you are spending your time.  It is surprising how much time we waste without even knowing.

Sometimes I think I am going to check my Instagram really quickly and the next thing I know an hour has disappeared!

Social media, phone calls, texting, and checking emails over and over can waste a lot of time.  Organizing this social media time into one part of the day can save a lot of time.

Recently I have made a point to only check my phone, email, and social media at the end of the day.  Setting a time limit on these activities can also save a lot of time in the day.


How I currently organize my time as a mom:

Morning time management:

It is very busy in the mornings, we are getting ready for school and eating breakfast.  This is when I focus on my family and getting everyone set for the day.  Once everyone is off to school that is when I work on my blog, YouTube channel, and anything that needs to get done with my business. I usually ignore our messy home to a degree.  The dishes and tidying can wait until everyone is home again.

Noontime management:

This is when I focus on getting my house back together.  Kids are coming home from school and we are organizing lunch.

We have different sports and activities and there isn’t as much time for work while everyone is home.

Nighttime management:

After dinner and the bedtime routine, I get back to work if needed.  Usually, this time is spent tidying up the kitchen or working on some blogging stuff.  It just depends on the urgency of what needs to get done.


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how to organize time as a mom

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