10 Ways to be Intentional Every Day!

10 ways to be intentional everyday

Living life intentionally means focusing on things that are important to you, your goals, dreams, priorities, and goals.

Every day, your life is made up of choices, little choices, and big choices, and every decision sets you up for your day, your month, year, or even your life.

When you focus your intention every day, set a clear direction and purpose in life, and helps you to start thinking and feeling more positive. 

You can be intentional with your time, self-care, relationships, and everything that makes up your life. When you choose to be intentional, you’re choosing to be present instead of living in the past thinking about what went wrong or thinking about the future and what could go wrong.

Little choices with intention every day make those big dreams and goals attainable. Here are 10 tips to help you be more intentional every day. 

10 Ways to Be Intentional Every Day 


1. Set an Intentional Plan for Your Day 


You can plan out your day the night before or wake up early with your cup of coffee and set out to create the framework for your day.

When you know your tasks and what you want to achieve for the day, your time and energy become more purposeful. Planning and preparation for your day can help you feel less stressed and like you’re in more control. 


2. Do Something That Makes You Happy


If you are feeling stressed then think about what actually makes you happy.  Take time every single day to do something that’s enjoyable to you!

It’s this little form of self-care where you can stop and take a moment for yourself. We’ve been conditioned to just go go go, and we need to stop for even just a few minutes and make ourselves a priority.

Read a book, go for a nature walk, eat chocolate, whatever it is that sparks joy, do it once a day! 



3. Be Mindful of Media


Most people consume a ton of media every day, which isn’t necessarily bad. After all, there are some positive stories and uplifting content out there. Sometimes we can easily get derailed and head down a rabbit hole that may leave us feeling anxious and just bringing us down.

Be intentional with the media you do consume and set healthy boundaries.



4. Be an Intentional Active Listener


Make stronger connections with those around you by working on being an active listener.

Active listening means tuning in to the conversation wholly and listening with intent.

You can ask questions to engage and learn more and communicate with your body to help strengthen the relationship with those around you.  


5. Self-Reflect


Take a few minutes every day and focus your attention on yourself.

Think about your values and priorities and where you are. How can you realign with those priorities and values if they’re off track?

Make decisions on what you need to do and how you can stay focused on the things that mean the most to you. 


6. Create a Healthy Budget


Remember, when you spend money, you are trading your valuable time for money. Shopping can be an enjoyable experience but really think about what you’re buying. Is it really going to be worth the money, and are you going to actually use it?

Is it going to take up space? These are some important questions that can help you be more mindful and intentional with your money and where it goes.

Spend more on what brings you joy and has value, and is worth the money you’ve worked hard to achieve. 



7. Don’t Forget the Importance of Rest and Self Care


Sometimes, you need to be reminded that you have to take care of yourself first. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t really take care of others.

If you are exhausted, when are you going to want to clean your home? You’ll probably dread it and cut corners and end up feeling down about it.

If you neglect your self-care, then you will quickly run out of steam.



8. Create Healthy Habits for Your Body 


A part of taking care of yourself is to take care of your health and fitness.

It doesn’t have to be strenuous. Even a 30-minute walk can be beneficial to your health. Be intentional with how you use your body and what you put into it.

Pay attention to the foods you stock the pantry with and what you feed yourself and your family. Meal prep and plan out your meals for the week. When you focus on healthy habits, you will feel better about yourself, be motivated and energetic, and give yourself a happier life. 


9. Prioritize Your Time


Making the most of your time every day is a powerful way to become intentional. You can focus on the things you need to get done by creating a list. Make decisions on what’s most important for you and take those on first.

Simplify your life by achieving things one at a time.  Surprisingly multitasking can be a productivity killer.

When you focus your energy on one thing, you can complete it faster and more effectively than if you were trying to do a few things simultaneously. 


10. Declutter and Create a Clear Space 


Your home is your safe space and to live a life with intention is to keep the space around your clear and free of clutter.

This can help remove that nagging feeling in the back of your mind that you need to get to work on cleaning your home.

Remember to declutter by removing the stuff you barely use, or that doesn’t add value in your life. With your home decluttered, you can have a clear mind and focus your energy and time on your goals and purpose for the day.

Take it one step at a time and work towards becoming more intentional every day.

Work towards tiny changes that make an impact in a big way on your life. Over time, you’ll find yourself easily achieving your goals, and you’ll see your life is filled with purpose and meaning. 

For more tips on how I live my life intentionally, check out my YouTube here or browse my website to help simplify your life. 


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