Spring Aesthetic Plus 12 Ways to get in the Mood For Spring

Spring Aesthetic

Let’s get into the mood for Spring!  Today I am sharing some Spring Aesthetic photos and 10 ways to get into the Spring mood.

Winter is over and there is too much to look forward to with Spring.  Beautiful flowers, picnics, decor, going outside and so much more.

Here are some ways I get into the Spring “mood” and some wonderful Spring aesthetic photos.

  1. Get Outside
  2. Enjoy Flowers
  3. Make flower art (see below)
  4. Flower Crown Fun
  5. Go Bird Watching
  6. Enjoy the Butterflies
  7. Make Spring Themed Crafts
  8. Have a Tea Party
  9. Design your Spring Wardrobe
  10. Enjoy Some Spring Sweets
  11. Make an Easter Aesthetic
  12. Go on a Picnic

Scroll down to see all the beautiful photos and tutorials!

The Spring Aesthetic


1 Get Outside

1Get outside and enjoy the nice weather.  Do something “silly” like run through a field of flowers.

Take your camera and get some photos of yourself and your family enjoying Spring and all it has to offer.

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2 Flowers

Flowers are everywhere!  Go pick some wildflowers and make some organic arrangements.

Use a variety of vases and cups for an eclectic Spring aesthetic in your home.

This is a great way to decorate for Spring on a budget.  If you don’t have a lot of vases there some affordable ones can be found at the thrift store.


3 Flower Art

Make some flower art.  Pick flowers and arrange them in an interesting way.  

Either glue them on some colorful paper for some Spring art or take photos and share them on your Instagram.

Spread the Spring aesthetic to all your friends.


4 Flower Crown

Make a beautiful flower crown.  Kids love these too.

Pick flowers and simply sew them together in a circle.  It doesn’t have to last forever because it is just for fun.

Take some photos and share them with family and friends. 


5 Bird Watching

Go bird watching.  It is fun to get a book on birds and see what you can find.

See how the birds are behaving and look for nests.  It is fun to collect old nests to see how they were made and all the interesting things the birds use to make them.


6 Butterflies

Get some plants that attract butterflies.  It is fun to see how many beautiful butterflies you can attract to your back or front yard.


7 Spring Crafts

Take up a fun new craft.  Sewing in the Spring is fun because dresses are so easy to make.

Try this recipe for some homemade beeswax wraps or this recipe for some homemade hand cream.


8 Spring Tea

Enjoy some Spring flavored teas.  This herbal Spring melody tea sounds delicious.

Go all out by having a tea party with your friends.  Use all your cute teacups and teapots!


9 Spring Aesthetic Wardrobe

Get your Spring wardrobe together.  Nothing says Spring aesthetic like a wardrobe full of pastel colors.

I like to pull out all of my Spring clothes and see what I can mix and match.  Knowing what I already have makes it easier for when I want to add a few things.


10 Spring Sweets

Make some colorful deserts to share with friends and family.


11 Easter Aesthetic

Dye some Easter eggs and go on an egg hunt.

Make some Easter-themed cookies and crafts.


12 Picnic

Go on a picnic!  Pack a lunch and enjoy all that Spring has to offer.

Make it fancy by bringing a tablecloth and some fresh homemade bread.  Check out my bread recipes here.


Bonus! Spring Wreaths

Make a Spring wreath for your front door.  Here is a great tutorial on how to make a Spring wreath.

It doesn’t have to be expensive or hard to do.  Find the flowers yourself and work with the supplies and tools you have. 

spring Art

Click here to download the seasonal art inspiration.


Spring Aesthetic Conclusion

I hope all of these Spring aesthetic photos inspired you.  Thinking of all the fun ways to enjoy Spring gets me motivated to get out and do something fun!


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