Back to School Organization Tips

10 back to school organization tips

Back to school is on the horizon and the hectic days of preparing for school are almost here. A new school year brings a mix of feelings, activities, and a whole new schedule for your little ones to look forward to. You may be feeling a little overwhelmed by ensuring your household runs smoothly as you transition to having them back in school. Getting organized for back to school doesn’t have to be stressful or send your family into chaos. Here are 10 back-to-school organization tips that will help you easily handle the transition.

Back to School Organization Tips


1. Set Up A Morning Routine Checklist

The mornings can be the most hectic times during back-to-school.

If you want to minimize the stress, prepare a checklist for your kids or set up a morning routine schedule. This can help your kids focus on completing their morning tasks to ensure they are ready to go when it’s time to leave for school.

Organizing time often falls on one person, so be sure to check out my blog, How to Organize My Time as a Mom.

The best way to get prepared for school is with a back-to-school plannerThis is one way I love to stay organized!


2. Dedicate a Space For Backpacks, Shoes, and Jackets

When kids get home from school, they all seem to immediately want to shed their shoes, jacket, and backpack.

Without a dedicated space, it can end up in a pile on the floor near your door. Setting up an organized space for your entryway can help organize that clutter and give your kids an easy place to store their gear.

Even something as simple as a shoe rack bench, baskets, and entry shelves with hooks can set you up for an organized entry.


3. Create a Homework Station or Caddy

Your little ones will undoubtedly have some homework as they work through the school year.

Setting up a designated space for your kids to have a place where they can go to work on their homework distraction-free can help them succeed. It can be done any number of ways, from setting up a space in an office or using the dining room during a scheduled time.

You can organize a small caddy or a drawer with essential school supplies like pens, pencils, paper, and highlighters. Stock up on all the essentials to bring out when it’s time to start the homework. 


4. Organize a Snack Station

As soon as they get home from school, kids go straight to the cupboard to find a snack.

After all, it’s likely been a few hours since lunch. When you want to guide them to healthy choices, organize a snack drawer or bin in the cupboard and refrigerator.

It can save them time from having to look and guarantees they will make better choices. Check out these healthy snack ideas to get you started! 


5. Create a Family Calendar

Getting organized for back to school with all the activities, events, homework, sports, and keeping up with everyday life can quickly overwhelm you.

Creating a family calendar can help you keep your schedules organized, so you always know what to expect.

Keep the calendar in a shared place in case anyone needs to reference it just in case. 

craft station

Try out having a craft station for after-school fun!


6. Create Closet Organizers For Daily Outfits

Choosing an outfit for the kids can be time-consuming. Plan outfits in advance by having your little ones help you choose their outfits for the week.

A planned wardrobe makes it easy for them to get up and quickly get dressed without having to make any difficult decisions.

You can use a closet organizer and label each pocket with a day of the week, so your kids know exactly which outfit to pull out. 


7. Declutter Their Old Clothes

Before school starts, it’s time to prepare some space for their new school clothes for the upcoming school year.

Weather will start changing, they’ve likely grown, and new styles are introduced.

Your kids will need new clothes to replace what they can no longer wear. You can donate to your local donation center or toss the clothes if they are too worn out. 


8. Set Up a Chore Chart

Chores can often fall off the schedule easily during back-to-school. Creating a chore chart can serve as a daily reminder when chores need to be completed.

It can also let you know if your kids have done them or not. Chore charts can be pretty easy to make.

You can use a simple laminated printout, a whiteboard with some labeled magnets, or get more creative. Make it a fun family project to create and organize weekly chores.


9. Start Your Meal Planning

Weekdays will be busy, and you will thank yourself for planning weeknight dinners.

You can do some simple meal planning just to know what you will make during the upcoming week. Another great idea is to stock up on freezer meals that you can just throw together to save time. Here is how I have simplified meal planning.

Fridge organization ideas


10. Plan Ahead for School Lunches

School lunches can take up a good chunk of time in the morning if you’re not organized.

Set up a school lunch station that houses your kid’s lunch boxes, thermos’, and storage containers. Organized spaces help you quickly grab supplies to prepare your kid’s lunch.

Make a plan before the school year starts and decide whether you want to make lunches the night before or in the morning. You can even prepare bins with prepackaged snacks and lunch items. Add funds to their school account every payday if your kids prefer hot school lunches.

Ensure they have enough to cover their meals for the next two weeks.

These tips are great ways to prepare you and your family for the upcoming school year. You’ll be able to easily manage your hectic weeks and reduce the stress and anxiety that can come with those busy schedules. 

Organizing and decluttering can help you beyond the stressful back-to-school life. Check out my YouTube channel for quick and easy tips on tackling decluttering and organizing your home for a simple and happier life. 

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