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How Do I Bring Hygge to My House

Hygge is the Danish word for cozy or having that warm happy feeling.  If you haven’t read the book The Little Book of Hygge, you really should.  This book goes into why Danish people are so happy and how to enjoy Hygge.  Hygge is said Hoo-ga and can be found everywhere you go.  How do I bring Hygge to my house?  This cozy feeling has less to do with stuff and more to do with the atmosphere you surround yourself with.

I have found eight simple ways to bring Hygge into my home this winter.

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One way to bring that cozy feeling into your home is through food.  The delicious smells and the love and effort that goes into making a home cooked meal adds to the coziness of a home.  The longer it take to make a meal the more enjoyable it usually is.  For instance slow cooking a stew fills your home with a delicious smell and because it takes so long to make it is more hygge.

Desert is very Hygge.  Treating yourself to a special desert can make you happy.  If you think of desert as a treat make sure you enjoy it.


We are adding more coziness to our home through fun crafts.  Coziness is not about the craft itself, it is about spending time with friends and family.  Set up a simple craft and have some close friends over.  This Christmas we made some salt dough ornaments.  These are super easy to make and definitely gave us that cozy feeling.  First you have to make the dough.  Second you have to cook the dough.  Third you get to paint the ornaments.  Fourth hang them on your tree.  Any activity that takes time with loved ones makes for a cozy environment.


Games are a great way to pass the time with friends and family.  Every holiday we love to work on a puzzle.  Puzzles are a great way to pass the time while having a conversation and eating some food.


Lighting is so important when it comes to making a cozy environment.  Have you ever been in a club when it is closing time?  The first thing they do is turn on the bright lights.  It really kills the mood and makes everyone want to leave.  Lighting an area with candles and a fireplace will make your home feel so cozy and warm.

I love to use yellow tinted twinkle lights.  These are some super affordable twinkle lights I found on Amazon.  Since our fireplace doesn’t actually work, I add these lights to the inside of our fireplace for an ambient light.  Imagine the coziest coffee shop you have ever visited.  I bet it had warm lighting and comfy couches.


Hygge cozy winter time

Blankets & Pillows

I quick way to add some coziness to your home is to add a few pillows and throw blankets.  If it is cold, your family will be enticed to stay a little longer.  Cuddle up and watch a movie or read a book.  Hygge is all about relaxing and spending time together.

Friends & Family

One of the coziest things to do is spend time with close friends and family.  If a party becomes too large you can start to feel alone.  I have been to a lot of large gatherings where I feel like I am completely alone.  A cozy gathering is usually small or with your closest friends and family.  The people that you can really be yourself around.  People that you can wear your comfy clothes around.


Hygge is all about happiness.  Doing everything you can to be happy.  In the Hygge book the author goes into all the reasons why Danish people are so happy.  Most of the reasons come down to enjoying the moment they are currently in.  They tend to ride bikes more often, light more candles, and have more intimate gatherings.  Enjoying the small things can add to your overall happiness.


There is a reason why we all love traditions.  They remind of us when we were little and all the fun we had as a kid.  Most traditions are passed down through generations.  As a result, we have wonderful memories that we can relive every year.  It is great to make new traditions, but the most loved traditions are the ones that we have been doing for years.

In conclusion coziness comes down to the atmosphere you are in and enjoying the current moment.

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How to have a Hygge winter

How to have a Hygge winter

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