20 Fridge Organization Ideas (That Really Work!)

20 fridge organization ideas

How often have you opened your fridge and thought about how messy everything is? A disorganized fridge can be overwhelming, and food tends to spoil more often.

Your fridge can be easily organized by clearing out the clutter and using well-placed bins and methods to keep your fridge looking great and easy to maintain. 

There is no right or wrong way to organize a fridge. There are, however, ways to organize your fridge more efficiently.

Less clutter in your kitchen overall feels great! (Read more about the 7 Benefits of Less Clutter in Your Kitchen) The goal is to organize your fridge to declutter and reduce food waste.

You can create a visually appealing refrigerator by using these tips to organize your fridge. Here are 20 fridge organization ideas for you to use.


1. Place Food in Practical Spots

 Did you know there are actual zones in your fridge? The bottom and the door tend to be the warmest spots. While the middle and bottom shelves tend to be cooler.

When organizing your fridge, think about which products should be in the coolest areas of your fridge. Putting things in their optimal zones help ensures your food stays freshest for longer.


Making Good Kitchen Habits:


2. Toss All Packaging and Use Clear Bins

Boxes and bags for your food can hide what you have in stock. It also looks less than great. Remove all packaging and use clear storage bins to store your items.

You can easily organize these by categories and make your fridge look more uniform. You can easily see what you have and keep things organized.

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3. Use Stacking Bins for Fridge Organization

Stacking bins can help you optimize the space in your fridge and keep things organized.

Many fridges come with limited shelving, and using stacking bins can help give you more space.


4. Try Pull Out Bins

Pull-out bins are made with handles to make grabbing your foods easier.

Simply pull the bin out, grab what you need, and slide it back in—no need to move anything out of the way or reach in uncomfortable places.

Fridge organization ideas


5. Refridgerator Organizing Hack: Label Everything

When you organize your fridge, you likely use bins and jars. Label all of your bins and jars to ensure everything stays organized and has its place. It can also help everyone in your family quickly locate food.


6. Create a Snack Zone

Everything in your fridge can easily get messy, especially when you have kids. Kid’s snacks are small and easy to grab. When you like to keep a healthy stock, it can make your fridge seem cluttered.

Use a bin with separators and keep snacks in a clean place for all snacks. Everyone will know exactly where to go for their favorite quick eats.

Fridge organization ideas


7. Put Perishables Up Front

It’s easy to forget the foods when they are out of sight or mind.

Often we place fruits and vegetables in our crisper drawers only to be forgotten. Instead of storing food where you can’t see it, put them in containers in the center of the fridge.

Or create an “Eat Me First” bin. That way, you and your family can eat food before it goes bad.


8. Stackable Wine Bins

If you love wine and keep your bottles in your fridge, you know they can take up space and sometimes not fit well. Using a stacking wine bin keeps them in place and prevents them from rolling around.


9. Store Tall Items in the Back

You want to easily see everything in your fridge, so be sure to store the tallest items in the back. 

Fridge organization ideas


10. Soda Can Organizers

There are plenty of options to optimize your can storage in your fridge space.

You can use one of these organizers to lay them on their sides and on top of each other to leave more space in your fridge and access them easily.


11. Use Liners for Your Shelves and Drawers

Liners can help protect your shelves and help air circulate around your food. They also come in cute designs that create a fun pop of color if you’re going for an aesthetically pleasing look.


12. Install a Lazy Susan

A lazy susan is another way to ensure nothing is forgotten or blocked.

The lazy or turntable is great for sauces or small cans or jars to rotate to view everything you have easily.


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13. Swap Out Plastic Bags for Reusable Storage Bags

If you like to store your leftovers in a plastic bag for space-saving or just because it’s easy, swap out plastic bags for reusable food storage bags.

This swap is better for the environment. It can keep your foods fresh, prevent leaks, and stand up nicely.


14. Add Extra Drawers

If you need to optimize your space, grab some pull-out storage drawers that easily attach to your shelves.

It helps take up that empty space above your food and creates a convenient way to store more foods.


15. Separate Your Fruits and Vegetables

I know you probably already know this, but separating your fruits and vegetables can help them stay fresh for longer.


16. Store Like Items on One Shelf

Keep all of your similar food items grouped together and on one shelf if possible.


17. Store Liquids in Pitchers

Try storing your juices and milk in clear pitchers to maximize freshness and create a nice look. They make cute pitchers that are thinner and taller that fit in the smallest spaces.


18. Install a Bag Organizer

When you use zip lock bags to organize and keep your leftovers, they can look messy and become overwhelming quickly. Install a ziplock bag organizer to keep things organized and easily accessible.  This fridge organization idea will help you to eat your leftovers in a timely manner.


19. Keep a Dry Erase Pen Handy

Use a dry erase pen to mark opened items with an expiration or the date it was opened. It’s your system, and you make it what you want. You can keep track of your food and make sure it doesn’t go bad before you can use it.


20. Invest in Fridge Produce Containers

Keep your fruits and veggies fresh longer by investing in bins that keep your fruits and vegetables fresh much longer.

These 20 fridge organization ideas will help keep your kitchen on track.  Organizing and decluttering can help you live a simple, fulfilling, stress-free life. Check out my YouTube channel for quick and easy tips on tackling decluttering and organizing.


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20 fridge organization ideas that really work

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