7 Benefits of Less Clutter in Your Kitchen

7 Benefits fo less clutter in the kitchen


The kitchen, for most people, seems to be the central hub of the home, where everyone comes in and seems to set just about everything down. And there it stays. Living a minimalist lifestyle can bring you many benefits, and it starts in the kitchen. When you finally get a hold of the chaos of the kitchen mess, you can find yourself at peace and live a much more relaxed life, with less clutter and less stress. Here are the 7 benefits of less clutter in your kitchen.


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 1. More Room

When you have clean and clear counters, it truly is visually appealing. It can also make it much easier to do what you need when you need to prepare a quick meal or a light snack or plan out your next trip to the grocery store.

It’s much easier to do these things without having to move items out of the way, and you won’t dread having to spend any time in the kitchen.

You’ll also have more room in your drawers for easy access to the utensils you need. 

simplified kitchen


 2. Less Overwhelm

It is so much calmer in the kitchen, especially as the kitchen is the place where the family likes to gather.

If you have a party or a get-together, it’s usually the kitchen that is so crowded with people either getting food or just generally hanging out.

With less clutter, it’s less overwhelming, and you can get a lot more done. 

As a stay home mom, I find myself in the kitchen all the time. I am often making as many healthy meals as possible and spending time cleaning up. There’s a lot less overwhelm with a genuinely minimalist kitchen and only having the things we truly need.  


organized kitchen


3. Cleaner Kitchen

I would be surprised to hear if people truly enjoyed cleaning. It’s necessary, especially with kids, but it’s much easier to clean and keep the kitchen clean with a minimalist kitchen.

It is a huge benefit. And with less clutter, there’s less dust collecting, it’s easier to vacuum, easier to wipe down the counters, and just an overall simplified cleaning process. 


clear counters


4 Simplifying the Food Process

Simplifying the food process can be done in a couple of ways to provide a wealth of benefits. 

The first is to try not to stock up on too much food.

Our family’s goal is to only keep about one week’s worth of food in our home at a time and shop again once that food has been gone through.

It helps with clutter as we don’t have too many items that we have to move around or sift through. 

It’s also easier to figure out what to make for meals. It’s easier to keep track of your inventory when you have less clutter in your kitchen and your pantry. You won’t accidentally purchase foods you already have, saving you money and wasting food.


minimalist kitchen


5. Find Things Easier

Having a clutter-free kitchen helps you to be able to find things more accessible in the kitchen.

Everything has its own place, and you don’t have to move things from the front of a shelf to get to something all the way in the back. Becoming more minimal allows you to set up things so that you don’t have to stack a whole bunch of stuff. 

Another great benefit is you do not have to organize and reorganize the kitchen because there is less. It makes life so much easier. 


6. Know What You Have

Another benefit of less clutter is knowing what you have in your kitchen. When you have more stuff, it’s tempting to store them way back in your kitchen storage.

With items practically on top of each other, it’s easy to forget what’s hidden deep in those drawers and cupboards.

When you know exactly what you have for appliances and kitchen gadgets and where they are located, you won’t forget what you have and accidentally spend money on something you didn’t actually need. 

Before I had started to live a minimalist life, I didn’t know all the things I had shoved deep in the back of cupboards. When I would go to find something, I wondered if I even had that item, and it would take time to search for things.


clutter free kitchen


7. More Down Time

Last on the list but the most important. When you declutter your kitchen, you will give yourself more time.

Simplifying the way the kitchen functions and having everything in a place that works for your family can lay it out to make everything you need to do in your kitchen much more manageable. 

When you aren’t spending time cleaning, organizing, or preparing food through a complex, messy kitchen, you have more time available, so you just get in to do what you need and get out to have fun with your family.


Conclusion 7 Benefits of Less Clutter in Your Kitchen


With becoming more minimal, it is all about making things super functional for your family and your life and customizing everything to your life. 

I think it’s important to check-in and ask yourself, “Is this still working? Do we need to change something?” If I need to, then I will. I do not have things set in stone.

I like to think about how things are going and course-correct as needed. Doing that has really simplified and made it easier for our family to not have to constantly be in the kitchen.  

Having less clutter in your kitchen does much more than making everything look clean.

It helps lower your stress levels, enables you to sleep and eat better, and of course, allows you to have more time to do the things you genuinely care about. 

Check out my video on The 7 Benefits of a Minimalist Kitchen to see how it works for my family and me.  


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