Small Kitchen Organization Ideas – From Redfin

Small Kitchen Organization Ideas

20 Clever Small Kitchen Organization Ideas From the Pros

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The kitchen is the heart of the home, so, naturally, clutter can start to accumulate over time. But when faced with the additional challenge of less space, coming up with creative solutions to utilize every inch of your square footage can seem like a challenge. 

Whether you’re working with a small kitchen in New York, NY, or want to maximize the kitchen space in your Toronto, ON apartment, we’ve got you covered. We rounded up 20 of the very best tips and tricks from organizing experts so you can take charge of your space and get the organized kitchen you’ve always envisioned. From color coordinating your shelves to unique organization tricks, these ideas will help even the tiniest kitchens feel like they doubled in size. 


1) Before you start anything, take a picture of the space. 

A picture can give you a different perspective. Take note of things that work for you and the things that you want to change. – Joy & Bliss Professional Organizing


2) Color coordinate

When organizing a small kitchen, consider streamlining your color palette to maximize the area visually. For example, instead of a mismatched set of mugs, plates, and bowls, switch to soothing all-white tones. The continuity of color is pleasing to the eye and lends a more cohesive, less cluttered look to small spaces. – Maison Grace Home Organization


3) Add height in your kitchen with shelving

Adding shelves to a wall that’s not being used can give you more room for storage. Use shelf dividers to maximize cupboard space and display what you can. For example, instead of putting away your pots and pans, display them next to your stove using rods and hooks. – OrgaNice


4) Style your shelves

Use a decorative shelving unit or bookshelf to show off your fun, favorite, and funky items. Not everything needs to be tucked away or identical to be organized. Layer in a brightly colored pot or some colorful kitchen towels or show off your gadgets. Stick to a common theme and keep it simple. – ORGNZE


5) Keep only what you need

To make the most of a small kitchen, keep only what you use every week. Take advantage of unused wall space by adding shelves, hooks, and racks. Finally, choose dishes and items that stack and nest easily. – Shannon Torrens


6) Customize your cupboards

Add extra shelves to your current cupboards. Most kitchen cupboards don’t make the most of the height within the cupboards, so customize them to create more storage space. You can either get extra shelves from your kitchen designer or measure the space and get them cut at your local hardware store. You can also easily get shelf inserts from IKEA, Amazon, or anywhere online. – Room to Breathe


7) Maximize under sink storage areas

Make the most of under-the-sink storage areas by using narrow slide-out drawers for sponges and smaller items. Then, you can install a tension rod for hanging spray bottles. Keep in mind that this area can quickly become a hot mess of miscellaneous cleaning supplies and random household items, so using matching clear spray bottles with labels will give this a cohesive and functional finishing touch. – North County Concierge


8) Don’t forget about the dead space

Dead space often includes walls, the back of doors, high ceilings, and corners. We often forget to include these areas in the organizing layout, but you could be leaving out prime real estate to maximize your space. – Simplicity By Day


9) Get creative with your small kitchen organization

I maximize my small kitchen space with two items: a bookcase and a hatbox since I love inviting friends over. The bookcase holds my entertaining items which I store in baskets, and other paper goods go in the hatbox. – Janet M. Taylor


Small Kitchen Organization Ideas

10) Consider the “Kitchen Triangle”

Look at the layout between the sink, stove, and refrigerator and observe which cabinets exist within that triangle of space. This area is called the Kitchen Triangle and is what architects refer to as “the working triangle” when designing a kitchen. A small kitchen organization idea is to place your most frequently used items in those cabinets so you can work in a circular flow between prep, cooking, and cleaning up. 

Bonus tip: prioritize your dominant hand. For example, if you’re left-handed, place the most frequently used dishes in the cabinet directly to the left of the dishwasher. – I Speak Organized


11) Take stock of all your available space and plan out your storage

The key to small kitchen organization is to put every nook in your kitchen to good use. Use the inside of the cabinet door, side of a deep drawer, magnetic containers on the inside wall of your fridge, or the vertical space that is often forgotten about inside your cupboards. These are all spaces that can be used to organize a small kitchen. – 74 Doors


12) Go classic with a Lazy Susan 

Lazy Susans are versatile options and a great small kitchen organization idea since they can go anywhere. Lazy susans work perfectly in cupboards, pantries, fridges, and even countertops to maximize space and maintain access to all your essentials. – Live Life Organized


13) Create texture and depth within your small kitchen 

Go vertical. Add additional square footage with new shelving, hooks, hanging racks, and any other space maximizing elements that will draw the eyes up and create texture and depth. – UpTown Concierge


14) Condense your cleaning options

Save money and time spent on organizing your kitchen by minimizing how many types of cleaners you use. Fill a glass bottle with 1 part vinegar, 1 part water, and a few drops of essential oils to clean all surfaces and mirrors. Not only is this a smart small kitchen organization idea to save space, it’s also kinder to the environment. – Less Equals More


15) Get creative with your storage solutions

Think beyond shelf risers. In a small kitchen, using all your space – including vertical space – is crucial. Consider hanging baskets for your cabinets and pantry or adding shelving for the walls with hooks underneath for mugs, potholders, or anything lightweight. Some stackable drawers are great small kitchen organization items to have for pantries and the refrigerator as well. – S.T.O.R.E by Steph


16) Edit regularly

Set aside time once a month for a quick cupboard evaluation. It’s essential (especially in a small space) to be mindful of what you’re actually using. Over time we tend to accumulate new kitchen utensils, gadgets, plates, cups, Tupperware – the list can go on and on. If you stick with a regular cupboard evaluation, you may not even need to set special time aside; you can just remove unused items as you go. Remember, while one-job kitchen gadgets can be tempting to keep, all they do is take up valuable space. Be honest and ask yourself – can I do this task with a knife (or another common utensil)? The answer, most likely, is yes. – Humble Home Organizing


Small Kitchen Organization Ideas

17) Remove packaging for a seamless look

Removing packaging is one of the easiest ways to reduce visual clutter. Decant pasta and grains into clear containers. Take snacks out of boxes and store them in your favorite bins. Think of packaging like gift wrapping, it’s meant to come off so that you can use and enjoy what’s inside. – Modern Refresh


18) Hang up your items

Install a towel rod and hooks to get the most out of your wall space or the side of cupboards. You can hang fruit baskets, cups, pots, and pans, and even store lids against the wall. Bonus: repurpose an old curtain rod for the same use. – Organize Harrisburg


19) Curb the counter clutter

Avoid pile up on your counters and make the most of your kitchen space by using an over-the-door tiered organizer. Over-the-door organizers are versatile small kitchen organization items to have on hand because they can store pantry items, kitchen utensils, cutting boards, cleaning supplies, and more. Best of all, they’re great for cabinets and full-size doors. – shipshape organization


20) Keeping it minimal is key for a small kitchen organization

Pack up everything in your kitchen into a box and then “shop” the box for only what you need. A small kitchen gives you the opportunity to focus on what’s essential. After a month, 6 months, or a year, ditch the remaining items in the box. – SPACE decluttering

Originally published by Redfin

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