Minimalist Modern Kitchen

minimal modern kitchen design

Today I am sharing a minimalist modern kitchen design on a budget.  This kitchen is unique yet modern.

How can I make my kitchen minimalist?

Start by decluttering everything that you never use.  I like to pay close attention to what I use over and over and set those items aside.

After a few weeks, I can clearly see all the items I am rarely using.

Once you have decluttered all the extra stuff then you can design your minimalist kitchen.

I have scoured the internet to find all the best deals so we can copy this modern kitchen.


Minimalist Modern Kitchen

A minimalist kitchen design incorporates all the items you use daily in a sleek simple style.

Smooth cabinets without a lot of detail, neutral colors that can let your eyes relax, and of course some interesting details.

I love the way this kitchen includes white, black, and natural wood tones.  


minimalist modern kitchen

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These smooth cabinets with no details or handles add to the modern minimalist look of this kitchen.

You can find affordable cabinets just like this from Ikea.  

If you are working on a budget you can also paint your current kitchen cabinets white.  It might not look perfect, but it will definitely update older cabinets.


Modern Counter Tops

The black countertop makes a great contrast with the natural wood and white cabinets and pantry.

Here is a great affordable black granite countertop from Home Depot.

What if you are renting or you don’t want to invest a lot in this modern look?  Fear not! Here is a cheap countertop hack.

Cover your current counter in black counter contact paper.


Instead of a traditional kitchen island try a chunky wood table.

Using a table makes this kitchen very adaptable.  If you have a lot of people over you can move the table out and add chairs.

When you are doing a lot of cooking use the table as a kitchen island.


Minimalist Chairs

modern minimalist chairs


These minimalist modern chairs are amazing.  They add a lot of style and interest to the kitchen without being bulky.

Here is a super affordable option for these chairs.  They come as a set of four so depending on how large your table is you might want two sets.

Another idea is to put all the chairs on one side of the table and use the other side of the table as an island. 


Minimalist Organization

minimalist plants

A great way to keep a kitchen minimalist is to have a place for everything in your kitchen.  I like to keep my counters clear if possible.

Hanging all of your most used items is a great way to stay organized and free up your counters.

Here is an affordable hanging rod with hooks to keep your kitchen organized.

Minimalist Modern Lighting

This modern light fixture brings so much character to this kitchen design.  Minimalism doesn’t have to be boring.

By adding this draping light fixture it draws your eye up and makes the kitchen look larger and the ceilings look higher.

All of the different-sized bulbs add to the character and charm of this light.

minimalist modern lights

Here are some different options to copy this lighting look:

An affordable option is one from Amazon: 10 Light Wooden Retro Chandelier

A second more structured looking light is from Wayfair and is also very affordable: Light Kitchen Island Pendant


minimalilst kitchen storage

Modern Faucet

Choosing modern details can really help with making your kitchen look minimalist and stylish.

This black sleek faucet adds detail in a very simple way.

Here is an affordable faucet that gives you the same look at a great price.


Minimalist Modern Kitchen Conclusion

It is easier than it looks to steal this minimalist modern kitchen style.  Even if you are on a budget a few updates and changes can make a kitchen look very modern.

Thinking outside the box and seeing where simple changes can be made can make a huge difference to the style of a kitchen.

Hooks and shelves will keep you organized.  Remember only to keep what you need and use for a functional minimalist kitchen.


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