20 Cozy Minimalist Living Room Decor Ideas

minimalist living room decor ideas

Today I am sharing some cozy minimalist living room decor ideas.  Just because you are minimalist does not mean your home can’t be cozy.

There isn’t just one way to decorate as a minimalist.  I know my decor style is always evolving, so here are some ideas for inspiration.

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Here are 20 minimalist living room ideas to inspire you!


1 Add some texture

One way to make your living room feel cozy is to add some texture.  This could be through rugs, pillows, or art.

Adding texture makes a room feel inviting.



2 Go With a Neutral Color Theme

By going with a neutral color theme you can have more in the room without it being overwhelming.


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3 Choose Matching Furniture

Matching furniture can help a room to feel put together.



4 Pick 2 decor Colors

Here is an example where there are two main color choices.  Bright blue and a natural wood tone.

Just because you want to stay minimal doesn’t mean you can’t have color in your living room.



5 Wall of Plants Decor

This wall of plants is a great way to decorate without having a ton of pointless decor.

The plants bring life and fresh air to your home too.



6 Clear Coffee Table

If you like a coffee table try going for something that really blends into the room. 

This clear coffee table doesn’t stand out but still serves a purpose.



7 Pop Of Color

Try going for a pop of color. 

This room is very minimal and white, but the pop of yellow and black makes it very unique.



8 Feature Decor Item

If you are afraid that minimalist decor will be boring, try going for a feature decor piece.

This large silver lamp makes this room very interesting and modern.



9 Mini Coffee Table

If you are looking to keep your living room open try a mini coffee table.

The great thing about this is you can move it to the side of the couch and make it into a side table when you are not using it.



10 Colorful Paint

Who said minimalists can’t love color?  I always hear that minimalist decor must be white.  Why?

For us, it is all about the stuff not the color in our home. 

Try out a bright colorful wall to add some flair to your minimalist decor. 


A wallpaper sticker is another great option to add color!


11 All White Decor

This is a little stark, but if you don’t like visual clutter try going all white.

Whenever I am unsure if something will go in my home I always default to white because it goes with everything.



12 Round Rug

Try a round rug to break up all the sharp edges. 

This will give your room a softer feel and make it cozy too. 



13 Let the View be the Decor

If you live in a beautiful place let the view become the decor. 

Added decor can take away from a beautiful location, so let the room have some breathing room and don’t decorate as much.



14 Add Wall Texture

If you don’t want a lot of decorations use the walls for interest. 

Add a faux brick wall for some extra texture in a living room.



15 Rolling Coffee Table

Try some furniture that can be moved around easily.  Like a rolling coffee table.

This is a great idea for when you want extra floor space.



16 Nesting Coffee Tables

I love nesting tables as minimalist decor.  The great thing is they can look like one table, but act as two or three when taken apart.

This is a minimalist decor dream!

The look of one but the convenience of more when needed.


17 Go Black and White

One way to stay visually minimal and avoid visual clutter is to stick to a few colors.

A black and white color theme makes it easy to add pops of color that can be changed easily.



18 Plants as Decor

Plants are a great way to make a space feel alive and cozy.  The good this is they don’t add a bunch of clutter to your home.

Since plants are always changing your living room will always feel fresh and current.

Plus plants never go out of “style”.



19 Useful Decor

If you love to read books use them as part of your decor.  One way to make sure they don’t stand out is to face them backward.

This way the colorful spine is hidden and the neutral color pages are shown.

Stacking them in all different directions on shelves and tables is a great way to decorate with something you also use.



20 Hanging Plants

Hanging plants look great in an empty corner! 

No need for extra furniture or decor if you have a beautiful hanging plant.



There you have it, 20 cozy minimalist living room decor ideas that will inspire you to decorate with less!

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Pin 20 Cozy Minimalist Living Room Decor Ideas:

20 cozy minimalist living room decor ideas for inspire

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  1. These are great tips! Thank you for sharing them with me! I’ll be sure to give them a shot.

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