12 Cozy Minimalist Decor Ideas

Minimalist homes can be cozy and comfortable.  The only thing missing is the clutter.  Today I am sharing 12 cozy minimalist decor ideas.  Proof that minimalism can be whatever you make it.

Do you think the picture below is how minimalism has to look?

Most people think a minimalist home must be all white and empty of all decorations.  A minimalist home can be cozy and have enough decor to make it interesting without being cluttered.  The clutter is usually in the drawers and filling the closets anyways.

If you feel a minimalist home and a cozy home can’t go together then check out these photos below to get some inspiration.

9 Cozy Minimalist Decor Ideas

By adding texture, plants, and items that are functional and decorative your home can be minimal yet still cozy.  For instance a record player can be decorative and plays music.  Plants are decorative and they clean the air and add color to a room.  Walls can have added interest and texture with some removable wallpaper.  Food can be kept in a beautiful jar adding visual interest, but also being practical at the same time.

See our minimalist home here.

Pillows are a great way to add some seasonal decor without adding more clutter.  A simple pillow cover can be changed with the season but doesn’t take up much space.

Here are 12 rooms that might change the way you think about minimalist homes.

Minimalist Living Rooms

Here are two examples of beautiful minimalist living rooms.  Both rooms are using a lot of texture for visual interest.  Using wood, baskets, curtains, and plants these rooms have been decorated without any extra unneeded clutter.

Minimalist Kitchen Ideas

Here are three examples of minimalist kitchens.  All of these kitchens show clear counter tops accept for the necessary items.  A great way to make your kitchen look clean and minimalist is to clear the counters.

Minimalist Dining Rooms

Minimalist Bedroom Decor

Here are 4 great examples of different minimalist bedrooms.  In this first picture you can see a chair used as a side table.  This is a great idea!  Maybe you don’t need this extra chair very often.  It wouldn’t make sense to store a chair that you might use once a year and also have a side table.  It’s great to find things that can be used for multiple purposes.

In this picture you can see a lot of vivid color being used.  I have had the comment in the past that a home isn’t minimalist with color.  Why is color not minimalist?  Minimalism is how much stuff you have.  Below you can see a very bright colorful room that only has what it needs in it.

In this room they are using their clothing rack as a decoration.  That is an excellent idea especially when you are short on space.  Instead of having a random piece of decor, use something you already have.  For instance clothes can be used in a pretty decorative way.

Minimalist Office

Here is a great example of a minimalist office.  You have everything you need without extra clutter.  This office is still interesting because of the color.  

Hopefully these 12 cozy minimalist decor ideas will help inspire you on your minimalist journey.

I hope you have an amazing day!

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  • Lee

    My bedroom is minimalist but still very cozy. The walls are mauve (Benjamin Moore “Hidden Sanctuary”), my drapes are eggplant, the furniture is dark brown (antique, my mother’s bedroom set), the three pieces of art on the walls are soothing and meaningful to me.
    I think if you’re going to do color and minimalism, stick with one basic color and use different shades and variations of it.

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