Tips for Hosting a Fall Theme Party

Here are some tips for hosting a Fall theme party.

So much work goes into throwing a party even if it’s a small gathering.  Today I am going to share some tips for hosting a Fall theme party. 

We are currently heading into Fall and everywhere I look I see Fall decor.  It is so much easier to throw a party with the theme of that season. 

Tips for Hosting a Fall Theme Party

1 Guest List

Come up with a guest list so you know how many people are coming.  Always start with this because everything else will relate to the guest list. 

How many chairs, how much food to make, etc.  I break the list down into adults and kids so I have an idea of the activities and types of food I will plan. 

Watch how we got prepared here:


2 Food

Since this is a Fall themed party we went with a huge pot of chili with chips.  I also set out snacks; fruit, veggies and cheese, and crackers.  Keep it simple!  I always like to have dessert so I made a chocolate bundt cake. 

3 Drinks

Set up a drinks table with what you know your guest will like.  I always have an assortment of the most common alcohols and mixes. 

Don’t forget the ice bucket and a pitcher of water.  Oh yeah, a bucket full of beer or soda.

Tips for Hosting a Fall Theme Party

4 Decor

Since I decided to do a Fall party in Fall it was really easy to find decor.  I mostly used what I already had in my Fall decor box. 

Whenever possible I am trying to use natural decor.  We added a pumpkin to the fireplace and I made a centerpiece from a $5 bunch of sunflowers.  By adding some eucalyptus branches from the backyard the flowers looked way more put together and it was free! 

I did borrow some tables and tablecloths from my mom.  Always see what can be borrowed before you invest in items.

By adding some pinecones and twinkle lights to our fireplace really helped to add that cozy feeling without a real fire.

Tips for Hosting a Fall Theme Party

Fall Party Decor Set Up


5 Invitations

This gathering was very casual so I invited everyone with a text message.  Obviously, for a formal event, you would want to send an invitation in the mail, but texting also works LOL.

Tips for Hosting a Fall Theme Party

6 Have Fun

I can let a party stress me out.  All the time setting up and making everything perfect can take the fun out of it.  Remember it’s just a party and the whole point is to have fun and enjoy your friends.

These simple tips for hosting a fall theme party can work for anyone on any budget.  Leave me a comment with your best party tips.

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Tips for hosting a Fall Theme Party

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