Fall Themed Cake Pops

Last week I tried something new, I made cake pops for our Fall-themed party. 
Cake pops are super fun and easy to make!  Here are the simple steps to make these Fall-themed cake pops.
Cake pop dessert

How to Make Fall Theme Cake Pops:

First, make a cake from any box cake you like.  Let the cake cool completely!
Secondly, smash the cake up in a large bowl and add some frosting.  Add just enough frosting so the combination can be made into a squishy ball.
Now you have to scoop out a little at a time and make that into a small ball.
After that, you refrigerate it for an hour.
Poke each ball with a stick so it will be easy to dip and eat!
The next step is to melt some candy-grade chocolate.
Once your chocolate is nice and runny you are going to dip the cold cake ball into the chocolate.
Right after you dip the ball into the chocolate you dip it into a bowl of sprinkles.  Or you can set the ball on a tray and drop the sprinkles on top.

Chocolate-Dipped Oreo Pops

What to do with the leftover chocolate?  Make some oreo pops!

This is super simple.  Take your oreo and add a stick to the middle.

Now dip your oreo into the melted chocolate.  

The last step is to add your sprinkles before the chocolate hardens.




This is such a fun treat to make for a theme party.  Depending on what color sticks and sprinkles you pick this dessert could be made for almost any theme party!

This simple recipe is very impressive and tastes super yummy!

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Fall Theme Cake Pops
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