Minimalist Kitchen Shelf Decor

Today I am sharing my minimalist kitchen shelf decor!  This is a quick before and after of our kitchen shelf. 

When I am sitting in my living room and looking straight forward I see my (see-through) kitchen cabinet and some shelves.  I want to streamline these shelves and make it a minimalist kitchen shelf.  How will I do that?  I guess getting rid of some stuff!

The drawback to shelves in a high traffic area is it becomes a dumping ground for junk.  We did not design this kitchen so we are working with what we have.

I don’t know why, but when I see a bunch of stuff on these shelves it feels like my whole house is messy.

Let me show you the Shelf BEFORE:

Minimalist Shelf Decor

This project started by pulling everything out of the cabinet and shelves and wiping it all down.  Spring is around the corner.

Why not get a head start on cleaning?  I have decided to go with a more neutral theme, for now, grey, white, black, and pops of color here and there.

If you are struggling to make an area look less cluttered I would suggest removing a shelf.  Sometimes less is more.

By removing one of the glass shelves in this cupboard it looks less cluttered.  I also gathered some dishes that I want to start using more often to use as my decor.

Before I go shopping in the store I like to shop at my own home.  Usually, I can find everything (or almost everything) I need to change the look of a space.  Color can make a home look more cohesive and put together.

I like to use a color pallet in my home.  We are currently decorating with; grey, black, white, and teal.  Our home seems to look more designer when all of the colors work together.

Always find ways to declutter!  When I clean a space I look for items we don’t use.  I found 4 cups that we never use to donate.  Anytime I am switching things around I always analyze what we have and if I want to keep it.

I decided to put our glasses that we don’t use very often at the top.  The serving dishes are now in an accessible place right by the kitchen sink.  All of my colorful vintage dishes have been put into a cupboard where I can still get to them if we want to have a special party or event.

After Shelf:



The only two items I bought were a black pot for one of my plants and a small basket for my husband’s keys, wallet, and phone.  I love using baskets to store items that are used daily.

I did make a rule that he can only put those 3 items in that basket!  This way we won’t have a junk basket growing out of control.

By taking everything off the shelves I finally realized what was bothering me.  It was that we had a lot of little things on each shelf.  This caused visual chaos!

The shelves look so much better with only one large functional item on them, plants, and the basket.  This project only took an hour and it completely transformed the room.

Now when I see my kitchen I smile!  It is weird how a few small changes can make such a difference.

What are you working on?  What would you like to see next?

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