How to Manifest Money

how to manifest money

How to Manifest Money

Every person you know would love to make more money and live an abundant life. Unfortunately, not everyone has a good relationship with money and struggles to make that happen.

Achieving a good relationship with money takes time, careful planning, and changing your subconscious mind.

Manifesting money uses The Power of the Law of Attraction to transform your mindset and open you up to prosperity and abundance. Each and every person’s needs in life differ; what prosperity looks like for one person may be different for another.

No one size fits all, but manifesting money starts with positivity and an open mind. Let’s go into what manifestation is and how to manifest money to change your life.

Disclaimer: This is NOT financial advice.

What is Money Manifestation?

Manifestation is the idea that you can bring something you want into existence just by believing it.

Also called the law of attraction, it’s the belief that our thoughts can influence the material world, and through positive thinking, anything is possible.

The idea has been around for centuries and can be traced back to ancient spiritual teachings.

Manifesting is an exercise that focuses your thoughts on what you want through mindfulness, visualization, and meditation to bring it into your reality. It can be anything, from money to a new job.

Changing your mindset through manifestation can help you to focus on what’s truly important to you.

Manifesting can work, but it’s important to remember it’s not an overnight solution. It takes consistency and practice to impact your actions every day to bring money into your reality.

Also manifesting will only happen if you work hard. Positive thoughts will only get you so far, there needs to be a plan of action.


How to Manifest Money Quickly and Easily

There’s no right or wrong way to manifest and bring in money abundance. Here are some ways you can start to manifest money right now.

Be Clear in Your Money Goals

You want to set your intention before you begin manifesting money. Think about what financial success would do for you. If you were to have an abundance of money what would be your financial goals?

Use a positive mindset when setting your goals. Think about your current circumstances and how you want them to improve. What are some steps you can take to get out of your comfort zone?

Do you want to pay off your debt? Do you want to live comfortably? Whatever your goals are, write them down in a gratitude journal and include everything you can think of. Be sure to think about the amount of money you need and write that down too.

You’re assigning value and intention to your money.

Deciding where your money will go is the best way to change your financial situation.

Break down everything that you have to pay for.

Now, look at how much you are making. Assign every dollar to a category.

Example Monthly Expenses:

  • Rent: $1000
  • Food: $400
  • Health: $200
  • Utilities: $200

(you get the idea)

Let’s say you have some money left over, make sure you assign that money to something.

  • Savings Account: $1000
  • Investments: $1000

This is the first step to figuring out how much money you make and how much you need to make. Also making sure that you have accounted for everything.

People who have a lot of money always make sure they are managing it well. This doesn’t mean you can’t spend your money on fun things, it just means you need to assign money to that option!


Rid Yourself of Negative Money Beliefs

You want to remove those mental blocks that can prevent you from manifesting money. Changing your mindset isn’t just about focusing on positivity.

It’s about removing those negative thoughts and not giving them power.

You want to really believe in yourself and your abilities to manifest money.

Negative thoughts like ‘you will never be rich’ or ‘my chances are low’ need to leave your mind and stay out.

All negative feelings surrounding money must go!

Maybe you grew up with family or friends that had negative energy about money. All of their negative experiences led to a lot of negative self-talk.

Now is the time to change all negative emotions into positive emotions.

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Create a Vision Board

A vision board can create a visual representation of your goals and dreams to help motivate you to achieve them.

This is one of the best manifestation techniques!

While writing down a list is helpful for you to keep track of your goals, a vision board makes them more of a reality.

Your vision board can include your plan, goals, and what you hope to achieve within the next year.

Make a real world vision board that you look at on a daily basis. Include photos of yourself doing well. Find the home you want to buy print it out and add it to the board.

Whatever your goal is add it to the vision board. This powerful tool will help make the vision a reality.


Visualize Your Life as If You Already Have Money

If you want to attract money, you have to visualize it as if you already have it. Visualizing your life as if you have the wealth you want and need can create a more open and perceptive mindset toward monetary gain.

Imagining your life with money can also be a powerful motivator that keeps pushing you, even when things get hard.

Financial freedom comes from managing money well but also using it to make your life worth living.

Successful people save money and spend money, investing and living a good life (which will look different for everyone).

Create Your Financial Abundance

Having an abundance mindset is great and will help in the manifestation process, but hard work will have to be done too.

Think about how much time you have in the day. Decide how much of that time can be dedicated to making more money.

Research what rich people do to make money. Certain jobs can only make so much and you don’t want to spend the rest of your life working 24 hours a day.

Find the fastest way to start making extra money and start. In most cases, once the ball is rolling it is easier to work your way up or find a better-paying job.

Look into making money on social media. This can be the best way to “work” nights and weekends.

A lot of people think you have to be sharing your own life on social media but there are so many jobs out there helping people with their social media.

To name a few that you could offer:

  • Writing emails for people
  • Checking and responding to comments for someone
  • Editing videos
  • Making Thumbnails for people
  • Writing blog posts
  • Doing keyword research
  • Writing scripts
  • Proofreading
  • Setting up blogs
  • Editing photos
  • Taking photos of influencers
  • Pinning on Pinterest for someone
  • Making pins for Pinterest
  • Writing an email sequence for someone to sell a product
  • Helping someone make a course they want to sell

With social media the possibilities are endless. You can DM people that you think could use your help or you could sell your services on Fivver.

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Practice Positive Affirmations

Practicing positive affirmations is a tactic that can help you truly believe in yourself and help you reach your goals. You have to be confident that you can gain the wealth and abundance you have been working hard for. Positive affirmations or money mantras can be written down and recited daily, preferably in front of a mirror. They can be:

  • I am ready to receive unexpected money
  • Wealth comes to me easily and effortlessly
  • I am open to receiving new forms of wealth that life can offer
  • I am financially abundant
  • I am a money magnet

Words have a certain power when spoken out loud, even in a whisper. Saying positive affirmations out loud when you wake up can keep you focused.

You can word them, however, you like as long as you speak your money mantras with intention, positivity, and confidence.

Be Grateful for What You Do Have

Gratitude can go a long way in helping you manifest money and change your mindset. You can write down all the benefits you’ve enjoyed because of the money you have in a daily gratitude journal.

You can use gratitude journals to help manifest money by writing down future gratitudes that have yet to pass. Write things such as:

  • I am grateful I was able to receive that promotion
  • I am grateful that money has allowed me to pay off my debts
  • I am grateful I was able to experience the trip of a lifetime

Your gratitude will help create a clear connection between your desire to manifest money and how money can be a positive and generous force in the world. Being truly grateful for what you have will help you remove any limiting beliefs and allows you to be more receptive to new financial opportunities.

Manifesting money is about your mindset and creating a more positive connection with money.

Choose your money goals with intention, practice your money affirmations, and believe that you are capable of achieving your goals.

The more you focus on your goals, the easier it is to manifest them into reality.

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