Have you ever thought of a project that you want to do for a long time?  Then suddenly one day you just decide I have to do this.  Well our upstairs bathroom is a disaster area.   From afar you might think its not that bad but when you look up close its definately not good!  …

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New Curtains

 We finally got curtains for our back door.  The sun beats in through this window and it makes perfect sense to have curtains, but for some reason I always thought curtains would make this area look messy and crowded.  Turns out to be the opposite!  Now that we have the curtains up the room actually …

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Rocking Chair

Months ago I bought a rocking chair for Emmett at a swap meet that I was planning on re doing.  Then at least a month ago I bought the material to cover the chair, and then as most projects go I did nothing.  I had too many art projects going on so the chair went …

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Living Room Re-Do

My mom and I turned her dinning room into a living room.  Back when I lived at home the room connected to our kitchen was our only living room, after living cramped in a small living room forever my parents decided to use our formal living room at the front of the house for the …

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The Closet

 Ever since we moved in here I have wanted to re do this closet.  Before we moved in we had a great idea to turn this whole side of the room into a closet, but turned out we just didn’t need a closet that big and I like the room being large.  As you can …

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