25 Super Easy Spring Decor Ideas

25 super easy spring decor ideas

Today I am sharing 25 super easy Spring decor ideas for your home.

The great thing is all of these ideas are budget friendly while still bringing in the feel of Spring!

1 – Add some seasonal branches to your space

easter tree

If you can get outside then gather some branches that are local to your area.  This looks great when they are varied in size and have some green leaves on them. 

2 – Bring Nature inside by adding some plants to your kitchen.

Adding some plants to your kitchen will make it feel like spring. It naturally adds green and if you pick a colorful pot then you will have even more color.

kitchen decor spring


3 – A simple throw on the couch can add some color and warmth.

Let’s be honest it can still be very cold in the spring time.  Adding a colorful blanket to your couch or chair is a great way to update a space.

large living room spring

4 – Make a Spring themed wreath.

Wreaths are really easy to make and the fun thing is you can use them year after year.

make a spring wreath


5 – Plant some seasonal bulbs that come back every year.

We have bulbs in our backyard and I love when they randomly pop up every spring.  We kind of forget they are there until they magically show up!


6 – Use neutral colors to keep your decor visually simple.

If you aren’t into bright colors you can keep everything neutral.  This will look just as beautiful and calm.


7 – Add a colorful wreath to your door.


8 – Make a spring-inspired tablescape.

spring 5

9 – Add some green tones to your living room.


10 – Pillow covers are the easiest thing to change for the season.

Pillow covers are so easy to store and change out seasonally.  This simple swap can transform the whole look of a room with just a few color or pattern changes.



11 – Pastel colors always give the feeling of Spring.

Add pastels where you can.  This could be one vase or blanket, but pastels really give off the feel of the season changing.

spring bedroom 22

12 – Find a place to hang your spring attire.

When you switch out all of the winter gear to spring make sure you have a place to put everything.

I love hooks to hang sun hats on or whatever spring gear you might need, maybe some gardening gloves.

spring bedroom

13 – Turn all your books around for a very neutral look.

I know this isn’t for everyone, but flipping around all your books will give you a whole new look.  Yes, it might make it impossible to find the book you are looking for but it definitely changes the look.

spring books

14 – Add some spring bulbs to your front porch.

spring entryway


15 – Flowers are always a great way to bring spring into your home.

spring flower



16 – Plant some colorful flowers in your front yard.

Planting some colorful flowers in your front yard is a great way to update your home for spring.  The good news is these flowers can come back every year.

spring front door


17 – Bring a large plant into your home for a new look.

A large plant can really transform a room and the good thing is if you don’t like it there is no reason to feel bad when getting rid of it.

spring living room

18 – Decorate with your colorful dishes.

If you have colorful dishes use them! These can be used as a tablescape or they can be stacked on an open shelf to add some color.

spring pink

19 – Add some colorful vases in a group.

Vases are super cheap from the thrift store and can make an excellent decor piece.  Get a few vases in varied sizes, add some branches, and put them on a tray.

This is a super easy way to decorate by reusing items that can actually be donated back when you are done with them.

spring plants

20 – Clear out the clutter and simplify your space for a spring look.

Simply decluttering a space can make it feel light and airy without even adding any decor!

Whenever I am looking for a change in my home I always look to see what I can take away from the space.

The great thing about this is its free and relatively easy.

spring simple

21 – Add some natural elements, eggs, flowers, rocks, and feathers.

Making a tablescape does not need to be difficult or expensive. 

Go on a scavenger hunt to find some spring decorations.  Look for feathers, rocks, leaves, and greenery. 

Putting it all together with light-colored dishes looks amazing.

spring table

22 – Change your art around in your home.

Sometimes all we need is a small change.  If you have framed art in your home you can switch out the print for something more spring-like.

Maybe a landscape of a spring day.

spring vase

23 – Make a fun egg wreath for your door.

We all love a fun craft! Make a wreath for your front door with eggs, birds, and faux greenery.   You can use it year after year!

spring wreath door

24 – Put a wreath on your wall as spring decor.

When it comes to wreaths I think we usually default to thinking about Fall or Christmas, but a wreath with fresh greenery can look beautiful in the Spring too.

spring wreath

25 – Flowers on your porch look great for Spring.

These could be planted in a pot or just a vase of flowers is a really easy way to bring color and life to a space.


Spring Decor Conclusion

Springtime is such an easy season to decorate for and it doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money.  Just switching a few things around in your home can give it a fresh new feel.

Adding a colorful blanket or changing out some pillow covers to a pastel color can be just a slight tweak to make your home feel fresh!

Of course, don’t underestimate the power of plants! Adding some green branches or bright flowers can be just the thing to change a space without adding extra clutter.

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