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Here is a Guide to a Minimalist Aesthetic Plus Photos for Minimalist Inspiration

Often, the minimalist aesthetic is described as a home designed with neutral colors and a calm vibe. Designing your home to focus on a clean and clutter-free approach to design is embracing the minimalist aesthetic.

Eliminating clutter and designing your home for functionality with clean, simple décor is appealing and easy to do.


What is a Minimalist Aesthetic?

Living the minimalist life is living with the mentality that less is more. When it comes to the minimalist aesthetic, it’s very much the same but applies more to your home décor or personal style.

The entire concept of having a minimalist aesthetic is having a visually appealing, tranquil appearance. It helps to express your feelings of simplicity and frees you from clutter. 

The minimalist aesthetic is becoming more and more popular. It can give you a calm and organized feeling that does wonders for reducing stress and allowing you to enjoy life. It means neutral colors, clean and bright spaces, and very few distractions. 

minimal organized


What is The Minimalist Aesthetic Home?

The minimalist home is one that feels fresh, calm, and just about anyone will love and benefit from.

A minimalist aesthetic home is obviously appealing to the eyes and can help with the function of your day.

If you are feeling like your home needs a minimalist refresh, here are a few tips to help you achieve the look of a minimalist aesthetic. 

minimalist kids bedroom


Check out your home’s color palette

Are the colors bright, overwhelming, or mismatched? If that’s the case, then consider restyling your home based on a neutral color scheme.

Change out bright items or paint the walls in whites, creams, grays, or beiges. 

minimal living room


Evaluate your furniture

Your furniture can take up a lot of space and be incredibly overwhelming. Especially if there are patterns or bright colors. You may want to consider getting rid of some pieces you may not need.

Try swapping out for simple, clean neutral furnishings. You can paint your existing furniture to reduce costs or invest in slipcovers.

minimalist kitchen


Choose Natural, Simple Accents and Artwork

A minimalist aesthetic requires you to keep things simple and remove distractions. Your artwork should help you relax, and busy artwork can cause you to not be able to focus. 

You naturally clean more and remove clutter when you embrace the minimalist aesthetic. Getting the opportunity to rid your home of things you never use. You can use the KonMarie Method or anything that suits you.

This leaves you with less dust and is clean, and helps you feel free from the overwhelm that clutter brings. You also benefit from never having to hurry and clean your home when you have company!

Minimalist bedroom decor


What is the Minimal Aesthetic Style?

The minimal aesthetic style creates a peaceful space. The style focus on simple concepts that can make designing your home easy and stress-free. The minimalist aesthetic style can apply to your wardrobe as well.

It’s a simple look defined by neutral colors, small accessories, and a capsule wardrobe. The minimalist aesthetic style makes it easy to choose your everyday outfits without overwhelming you. 

Creating a personal style that embraces the minimalist aesthetic starts by clearing out your closet.

Decluttering is always the most important step. You want to get rid of anything you haven’t worn or plan on wearing. Keep it simple and keep pieces you know you love and will wear often. 

The capsule wardrobe is a simple way of creating multiple outfits using a few key staple pieces.

With a capsule wardrobe, your closet will be clear and clean. All you have to do is choose a few of each: pants, t-shirts, sweaters, dresses, and shoes that go with everything. 

Minimalist bedroom white


Tips on How to Create a Minimalist Aesthetic 

Whether you are decorating or styling your home, or your personal style, the main ideas of achieving a minimalist aesthetic are always the same.

It’s about parting with the nonessentials and getting down to basics. Follow these tips to help you achieve that desirable minimalist aesthetic.

simple kitchen


Declutter Your Home

The most important step in creating a minimalist aesthetic is to clear out the clutter in your home.

This can be overwhelming for many people, but there’s a method that works for everyone. Check out The Best Declutter Methods for Your Home and pick one that works for you. 

minimal decor


Choose a Neutral Color Theme

One of the more appealing looks of this style is how everything looks clean, light, and airy.

Pick a neutral shade you love and incorporate that into your décor wherever you can. 

dining room decor


Add Natural Accents to Brighten Up Your Space

Adding in plants can help warm up the space as an accent color.

They look great and help clean the air in your home. Using colors in nature is the best way to bring warmth without overwhelming the space. 

minimalist office decor


Leave Some Space

Embrace the empty spaces in your home. Leaving space on your walls in your floor plan can create a visually soothing feeling.

It’s peaceful and gives your eyes a place to rest. 

simple living room decor


Add More Light in Your Home

You will want to brighten up your space as much as possible with natural light.

Remove coverings over windows, add accent lamps, or switch out your lightbulbs in your current light fixtures. 

Plant decor


Thoughtfully Choose Your Artwork

In your home, you will want to choose peaceful, calming art that isn’t busy or overwhelming to look at. You want to keep your artwork simple and elegant.

Avoid filling up your space and choose a few spaced-out pieces. Art can add decorative elements and pops of color that help break up the neutral tones. 

The minimalist aesthetic is easy to accomplish when you focus on decluttering and staying with neutral colors or earthy tones.

You can create a restful and soothing space, perfect for relaxing after a long hectic day. 

Achieving the minimalist aesthetic is pretty simple when you stick to the basics. Check out my YouTube channel for more information on how to live a minimalist lifestyle.  Find out more about minimalism here.

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