Why Is It So Hard to Declutter?

why is it so hard to declutter?

Here are 5 Reasons Why is it So Hard to Declutter

Are you overwhelmed by the clutter in your home? Decluttering your home can be an overwhelming endeavor with the long list of things you need to get done. You definitely want to clear up your space and begin clearing clutter but when you start to get motivated, you end up not getting anywhere. Why is it so hard to declutter?

Decluttering takes much more than just mentally and emotionally letting go of your things.

It’s a time-consuming task that can be exhausting both mentally and physically. Sometimes, you may not be up to it despite your desire to live clutter-free. Aside from the tasks at hand, there is a lot behind why it’s so hard to declutter.

When you understand the roadblocks you face when attempting to declutter, it can help make it easier to overcome and start working towards a clutter-free life to live stress-free. Here are some of the reasons why it’s so hard to declutter.


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1. It’s hard to find time to declutter

This is probably the number one reason people give for avoiding decluttering their homes.

Decluttering is a process, and for some, it’s difficult to let go or accept the fact that you don’t have to declutter in one go. If that’s you, remember, it’s okay to give yourself a break and spread out decluttering over time.

Try to take on one section at a time, or try one of these methods I’ve listed in The Best Decluttering Methods for Your Home to help break up the time and use a method that fits your lifestyle.

Even squeezing in 30 minutes a day can help you make incredible progress that will leave you feeling great.


2. It’s tough to part with sentimental items

Are you someone who collects sentimental items for years and years?

When you have to go through sentimental clutter, it’s harder to get rid of these things because they have special meaning. You have to really dig down and evaluate the item, and it’s meaning for you. Have you looked at it within the last year?

If the item is a family heirloom and it’s not serving a purpose for you and you are willing to part with it, you may want to consider reaching out to the family to see if it can help serve a purpose for them.

That way the sentimental item stays in the family, and you can feel good about where it goes.


3. You are holding onto guilt

If you’ve ever been given a gift, it can be challenging to get rid of it because you don’t want to hurt the person’s feelings that gifted it to you.

So often, we get hung up on what people think rather than what we ourselves need or want. This reason is more about forgiving yourself and not letting the guilt stop you from clearing clutter that is no longer serving a purpose for you.

Remember, it’s okay to get rid of things if you no longer need them, and hopefully, they will understand why you need to get rid of the item.


4. What if you need it again someday?

Many what-ifs come up when you are decluttering your home, leaving us holding on to things we don’t really need. When you like to be prepared for every possible situation, you end up with a cluttered home with things you may use once a year, if even that.

The reality is when you hold on to something “just in case,” it stays with you for years, never actually getting used.

Planning out life isn’t realistic, and if you have kids, you know how hard that is! You never know if you will need an item in the future, and you should ask yourself when you declutter if you’ve used it in the last 90 days and if you will be using it in the next 90 days.

If the answer is no, get rid of it! Worst case scenario, ask a friend or neighbor to borrow the item if a situation comes up where you need it.

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5. You feel so overwhelmed by the mess you don’t know where to start

Even if you have the time to declutter, the mess can be so overwhelming that you don’t know where to start, so you end up just not starting. You live with the mess, constantly being stressed about what to do, feeling like it’s gone too far.

At that point, it feels like it’s too much to handle.

The solution here lines up a lot with finding time to do it. Starting is the hardest part when you have a big mess to declutter. Taking small steps to organize and begin by using some easy methods that can help you get started is one way to tackle the mess, one small corner at a time.

When you’re overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to ask for help. You can ask friends or family to help you get organized and get on track to remove and organize your home’s clutter.

Once you start seeing results, you will feel more motivated and ready to take on the rest.

Clearing the clutter from your home can free you from the overwhelm and stress that consumes you on a daily basis. It can impact your health and emotional well-being once you get the job done.

When you can identify why it is so hard to declutter, you can confidently address the clutter and get organized to create a happier home.

Transforming your life by decluttering and embracing a minimalistic lifestyle can be a refreshing way to open the doors to a relaxing, happier life. To learn more about ways to declutter your life, check out my YouTube channel for quick and easy tips. For an in-depth look at decluttering, download my eBook today!

Check out all my posts on decluttering here.

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why is it hard to declutter

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