Can You Make Money Blogging About SIMPLE LIVING?

Make money from blogging

Can you make money blogging about something other than blogging?  I really want to know the answer to this question!

My blog is about simple living.  Simple living is the main umbrella of my blog, under that there are a lot of topics.  I write about minimalism, decluttering, an eco-friendly home, my capsule wardrobe, minimalist decor, and much more.  The question is, “Can I make money blogging about something other than blogging?”

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What is going on?

It seems every single blog I find lately is talking about how they make a full-time living from blogging.  I am noticing all of these blogs have something in common.  They all blog about how to blog and also sell a blogging course.  Every single how-to blog article ends with the blogger selling their blog course.

If you can sell a course, that is great, more power to you!  I want to see more articles from bloggers about how they are making a living, when their blog isn’t about blogging.  There are a few out there, but I notice they usually have a lot of content about how to blog as well.

We need to beware of imposter syndrome!  How easy would it be for anyone to say they make a certain amount of money and sell their blogging course that is literally a copy of someone else’s course.  When I was on Pinterest yesterday I noticed a how to blog Pin.  I clicked it and read the article.

This woman was saying how easy it was to make a full time living from her blog.  I looked at her Pinterest and she had low monthly views and almost no followers.  After going back to her blog I saw she had no ads, yet she was selling a course.

Everyone of her posts were about blogging.  As I went from post to post I started to realize she was saying the same exact thing in each post.  The paragraphs were switched around, but it was the same exact wording!  Hmmm! Makes you wonder?

History of My Blog

I started this blog in 2008, when I moved from CA to New Zealand.  At the time this blog was a free blogspot blog, but I only wrote about myself and what I was doing.  Honestly, only my family and friends read the blog because I wasn’t writing about anything outsiders could relate to.  (Oh how I wish I could go back and know what I do now).  We can only move forward!

Yes I blogged for 10 years straight!  As a result I know what goes into blogging.  A year ago, 2018 I decided to get my own hosting and site.

I decided to pivot my blog to write about our Simple Living lifestyle.  I have written 240 blog posts in the last year with the intention of growing this blog and making money.  Of course there is a learning curve and I can tell I am improving with every post, but still waiting on the breakthrough moment.



My Blog Goal

My blog goal is to make a living with my blog even though I am not going to make a blogging course.  If I figure this whole blogging thing out and start making money I will just share with you how I did it.  I was able to grow my YouTube channel from 0 to almost 1000 subscribers in one year and I make anywhere from $150 to $300+ a month just from the ads.

If I can grow a YouTube channel then I can grow a blog on the same topic.


About a month ago I switched hosting from Godaddy (possibly the worst hosting ever as far as customer service and speed is concerned) to BigScoots!  Switching to BigScoots was possibly the easiest thing I have ever done.  I contacted them through the chat option and they did all of the work for me.  The whole domain switch took less than 8 hours. 

BigScoots also offered to analyze my blog to make sure it was going as fast as possible.

The most  interesting thing of all is I started to get a lot more traffic and my site speed got better immediately!  I wish I had started with them!  Since, as I mentioned traffic = views, it is super important to have a fast site that google likes.  Click here to find out all the hosting options that BigScoots offers.


My Blogging Growth Plan

Nothing changes without a plan!

  • My master plan is to write as many “awesome” posts as possible.  The more posts you have the more you can share!
  • Consistency is KEY!  I will write 2 or more posts per week to build my blog readership.
  • Make 3 Pinterest Pins per post.
  • Pin all day long LOL
  • Have a YouTube video with most of my posts
  • Share My Posts on Social Media
  • Make sure my posts rank for SEO (if possible)

How I Intend To Make Money

  • Use Affiliate Links (when possible)
  • Qualify for a good Ad Company
  • Sell My Art Through Etsy or this blog
  • Sponsored Posts

Where Am I At Now ? – Income Report

Right now I have about 26,000 page views per 30 days and 21,500 sessions per 30 days.  I make about $15.00 a month with Amazon Affiliate links.

I will share more about my blogging journey as it unfolds.  Hopefully I will have more of an income report to share next month!


Can You Make Money Blogging about something other than Blogging?

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2 thoughts on “Can You Make Money Blogging About SIMPLE LIVING?”

  1. OMG Shannon! you are speaking my language. I really want to start my own blog and I’ve been reading about how I can also make money with it. Unfortunately, I have not come across a blog that shares how they make money blogging without talking too much about making money blogging. ugh!
    I just want to stick to a personal mom life niche.

    1. SHANNON

      I think we can do it! I am slowly growing my blog, and I am realizing that there are a lot of different ways to make money. It just seems to take time. =)

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