minimalist challenge

Minimalist Challenge

  Yesterday I did a minimalist challenge.  The challenge is to go through your house and try to gather 60 + items to get rid of or donate in 60 minutes.   Minimalist Challenge This challenge is designed to be very easy.  Set a timer and start going through your home looking for things to declutter. […]

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minimalism 3 months

Minimalism 3 Months

  We have been on our minimalist journey for 3 months now!  It’s very interesting how minimalism has shifted the way I think about everything.  Now when we run out of something I stop and think.  Can we live without it? or I look up a reusable ECO friendly alternative.   Minimalist SHOPPING Emmett, my

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Minimalism 2 Month Journey

Minimalism 2 Month Journey

This is the recap of our minimalism 2-month journey.  We have been minimizing for 2 months now!  I have gone through our entire house and I think we are at a good stopping point.  I am no longer sorting through everything, but now I am waiting to see what we use and what we don’t. 

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