how to deal with paper clutter

How To Deal With Paper Clutter

Today I am sharing how to deal with paper clutter as a minimalist family.  Before we started decluttering I kept our papers filed in a huge two-drawer metal file cabinet.  This was full!  I felt decluttering paper was too overwhelming so I always put it off.  Once the decluttering was finished I wondered why I

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Helping declutter with my mom

Helping My Mom Declutter

Today I am sharing how I am helping my mom declutter.  I have helped my mom declutter several times in the past and today is no different. My mom explained to me her decluttering dilemma.  It turned out she had a few drawers to go through, but mostly she had a lot of drawers with

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Spring Capsule Wardrobe tips

Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Today I am sharing my Spring capsule wardrobe with tips and tricks on how to declutter.  As the seasons change so does my capsule wardrobe! Each season I go through my wardrobe and I analyze what I am wearing and what needs to be donated.  When winter is over and we are going into spring

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