Decluttering Tips While Quarantined

declutter during quarantine

Here are my best decluttering tips while quarantined.  It seems we all have some extra time at home so why not create some extra space by decluttering.


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Here are some decluttering tips and tricks for decluttering while staying home.  These tips differ a little from what I would normally recommend.  


Don’t Pull Everything Out

This is going to sound very weird, but don’t pull everything out.  If you are home with all of your family the last thing you want to do is make your home crazier!  In this situation, I would recommend decluttering one small area at a time.

One drawer or one closet at a time.  When I have done a huge declutter session in the past where I pulled everything out it had become overwhelming.

With everyone being home there will be more distractions which can lead to overwhelm.

If you become sidetracked and can’t finish the project then it will be harder to get around the mess. 


Declutter The Kitchen

Now that we are at home more we are inevitably making home-cooked meals.  This is a great time to analyze what you are using in your kitchen.  Do you have duplicate items?

Is there anything that you never use and can be decluttered?

  This is a great time to test out living with less.  Fill a box with all of the kitchen items that you feel you won’t use and stick it in the garage.

See if you can live without these items.  The good news is if you need something you can go grab it.  If you realize you don’t need it then once the donation places reopen you can safely get rid of the items. 


Closet Declutter

Now is a great time to declutter your closet.  Actually, try on all your clothes! 

If you do have extra time, spend it seeing what really fits.  Declutter everything that is never worn or ill-fitting.  Why hold onto clothes that you will never wear?


Kid Stuff Decluttering

With everyone home, this is a great opportunity to analyze what my kids are actually playing with.  We have toys that never get any play time and that is what I will be focusing on. 

This is also a great time to question the number of toys you really need to keep.

A few years ago I made a rule for us.  All the toys have to fit into my boy’s room and if they can’t fit then we must declutter.


Setting a few rules can help you to stay clutter-free.  Another great way to check if your children really want something is to take it out of circulation and see if they notice. 

Again store the items in a holding area and if they don’t ask for them then you know you are good to declutter the items. 


A lot of people think the more toys you have the better and more for the kids to play with.  I would like to debunk this myth.  Just because you have more toys does not mean your kids will play with them.

I have found it to be the opposite.  Once I got rid of all the “extra” junk they just kicked around, they play a lot longer with what was left. 


Declutter The Garage

My husband is now home more often and it has been a great time for us to declutter the garage.  Start by getting rid of the obvious items.  Things that are broken or never used. 

Then I would suggest making an area for donations.  Since nothing is open right now it’s a good idea to make a small place to store these items for the time being. 

We recently added some second-hand cupboards that were given to us by a friend.  This is a great idea if you are looking to get organized, but don’t want to spend the money on shelves from the hardware store.

This is also a great time to look around your house and see if there are any projects that can be done. 

I know we have quite a lot of projects sitting in our garage waiting to be worked on.

The Bedroom Staying Clutter-free

Keep the bedroom as a calm quiet place where you can hide out (if you need to).  Figure out exactly what you need in your bedroom and move everything else out. 

Do you have extra furniture that is stacked high with junk?

I have noticed every extra piece of unneeded furniture is like an invitation to have something set on it!  The fewer landing areas the less clutter you will have.

Believe me, you are going to want a place to escape to!


Declutter The Bathroom

When decluttering the bathroom I would suggest something completely different than normal. 

Don’t just rush into throwing everything away.  Since we can’t go shopping easily, I would suggest seeing if there are items that you could keep in case of an emergency.

I am not suggesting keeping things that you know you will never use. 

What I am saying is, if there is a deodorant that wasn’t your favorite, maybe just keep it until we know that it is safe to shop whenever we want. 

The suggestion is to keep what you know you will use and maybe a bag of things that you didn’t love, but could use in a pinch.

If this is your first time decluttering, my biggest suggestion is to go slow and do one area at a time.  The goal is to simplify without becoming overwhelmed. 

You can find me over on YouTube and Instagram for more tips and tricks!


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3 thoughts on “Decluttering Tips While Quarantined”

  1. Brenda

    Hi! I want to Spring clean, “But”. Right. Now no one is taking anything. Unless you throw things away or try to do a yard sale. Where do you put excess? I’ve got 20 yeasts of clutter. Brenda

  2. Brendalincoln

    What do you do with clutter. No one is taking donations. What are you supposed to do with clutter? Some stuff can go in trash. It I do not throw away clothes. But the hundreds of what-nots maybe. 🙂 Any suggestions?

    1. SHANNON

      Hi Brenda, I am saving all my donations until the secondhand stores open back up. I have a feeling they will be opening up soon, so I just have a lot of boxes and bags stacked up in my garage until then. I wish there was a better answer. There are FaceBook groups where you can offer things for free or you could try Facebook market place and see if anyone wants anything for free.

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