Halloween Decor Ideas

Halloween home decor ideas

Here are some fun Halloween decor ideas for your home. I love decorating for Halloween and getting inspiration from the way other people decorate their homes.

This collection of Halloween decor photos varies from very simple to more elaborate decor ideas.

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Happy Halloween Banner Decor

Simple Halloween decor

This idea is very easy to replicate all that is needed are some faux pumpkins and fall leaves.

Also, these happy Halloween banners are very affordable and easy to find. 


Cake-stand Halloween Decor

fall decor

This wooden cakestand decor idea could be made with real or fake decor.

What a great idea for a coffee table or a dining room centerpiece.  All you need is a pumpkin, some leaves, a clock, and a candle. 


Halloween Leaf Decor

Leaf decor

Decorating with leaves and pumpkins is a great eco-friendly way to decorate.

You can dip real leaves into wax and hang them on your windows.  Carve some pumpkins and add them to your decorations.


halloween decor

Using gourds, pumpkins and branches is a wonderful way to decorate.

pumpkin decor

Fall and Halloween Party Decor Idea

halloween banner

Use a light-up sign that you can change the message on for different events and parties.

Add some light-up skulls and a Halloween sign above your party food table. 


Halloween side table

Add a touch of fall and Halloween to a side table. Use some real mums for a natural feel.

There is a mix of real decor and faux decor.  A fake pumpkin, a real pumpkin, battery-operated candles, and a ceramic squirrel. 

Here is the link to the exact candles in this photo. They look real when lit up.


Spooky Fireplace Decor

trick or treat halloween decor

Go all black for a spooky vibe.  Try a black pumpkin, some black trees, witches brooms, and some black bats.


Side Buffet Halloween Decor

halloween mask decor

Add a cheap mask to something that is already part of your decor. I added a free plastic mask that we got from a store to my mirror that always hangs on this wall.

Adding some small pumpkins, leaves and some candles make this area look festive and spooky. 

These are the exact candles from the photo above.


Halloween party table

Adding some layers of black fabric and twinkle lights can make any table look festive.

Fall fireplace decor

Here we added some scarecrows, a fall wreath, some real mums, and some real pumpkins to our fireplace. 

Here is the link to this exact wreath.

I hope some of these Halloween decor ideas gave you some inspiration for your own home decor this fall.

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Halloween decor ideas

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