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Fall is my favorite season of the year! Today I am sharing some simple fall decorating ideas that don’t take up a lot of space.

We like to keep things minimal over here at our home by adding only a touch of seasonal decor.  I like to focus on adding seasonal colors with fabric and natural elements.

Our home was built in the 1950s and there have only been a few updates made until we got ahold of it in 2019. We are currently updating this home with our style and decor taste. 

Fall Fireplace Decor

fall decor living room

Here is our vintage fireplace. There are two tiny shelves and we are currently in the middle of adding a wood mantle to break up all this white-painted brick.

I bought this wreath off of Amazon and I love how realistic it looks while not being too large. 

A few weeks ago I went thrifting and found a few candle holders for my faux candle sticks. 

These are the best light-up candles I have ever seen.  Even my husband commented on how real they look at night when the light is flickering.

With the season changing it’s getting dark a lot earlier and I love that I can set these candles to automatically come on at 5 pm and go off before bed. 


Watch My Fall Home Reset Here:

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Link to Wreath

I also added a few fake pumpkins and leaves that I have had for about 10 years.  As the season progresses I will be adding some real pumpkins to the mix.

Whenever possible I love to use real pumpkins, leaves, and flowers to decorate, but to kick off the season I like to pull out the handful of decorations I have to get it started.



Link to Candles

fireplace fall decor

Link to Larger Candles

As you can see these shelves are only about 4 inches deep which makes decorating a challenge.

Fall Living Room Decor

fall living room decor

A great way to save space and still decorate is to use pillow covers instead of switching out the actual pillow.  I have a few throw pillows and every season I switch the cover for a different look.

Link to Pillow Covers

These pillow covers were very affordable on Amazon and they have a hidden zipper which looks very high-end. 

In the picture above I also added a money tree from Home Depot to the corner of our room. I like our home to feel collected and unique so as you can see not every room has been completely decorated.

fall decor plants

These shelves that surround our TV rarely change.  I don’t like to see a lot of little decor pieces because they can look cluttered.

Instead, I opted to have one large plant on each shelf and then just add a small seasonal element to make this space look a little different.

fall corner

Luckily our rug already has a very fall vibe to it. With lots of warm colors and fun patterns.  We found this rug here.


fall plants

fall pillow cover

These chairs in our living room are from Costco and they are super comfortable.  I always get questions about where I found these chairs. 

Every year Costco sells a similar type of chair so keep your eyes peeled because they aren’t sold all year long.

Vintage Fall Kitchen Decor

full vintage kitchen

I recently refreshed our original 1950s vintage kitchen.  By adding a homemade curtain to our window and a curtain to an opening in our cupboards this kitchen looks even more retro.


My thought is I can change out these fabric pieces with each season.  These were added in the summer but I left them up for fall since the colors are warm.

vintage kitchen

On our open shelves, I added my vintage yellow coffee pot and some gourds that we grew in our backyard.

Of course, the plants are always up there bringing life to the kitchen.

kitchen fall

kitchen fall decor

fall open shelves

Here is the last of our garden! We pulled out all the food that we grew and this is what was left.  There are 3 large garden beds in our backyard and every year we are able to grow a lot of veggies.

Fall kitchen veggies

Finally, I added a fall-colored tea towel to our buffet. I love adding a pop of color especially when it’s something I already own and has meaning to it. 

fall side table

As the season progresses I like to add more and more natural decor.  Pumpkins, dried flowers, and seasonal flowers are added to my table decor and front patio.

When Halloween arrives I like to add a spookier vibe with more black and orange elements.  I hope this has given you some decorating inspiration!


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  1. I love the addition of plants in your home. What kind of plants did you put in your home?

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